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    Yaowarat Seafood: A taste of Thai-Chinese Seafood

    We bet you’ll be like that once you step into Yaowarat Seafood located right here at… guessed it! At Teck Chye Terrace! Ok, you might be thinking that Yaowarat only exists in Chinatown, Thailand but now you can get Thai-Chinese cuisine right here at Serangoon! And what makes it even better is that it’s a […]

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    Royal J’s Premium Taste’s Fried Porridge

    Royal J’s Premium Taste’s Fried Porridge Somewhere in central Singapore is a familiar zi char stall people see in Foch road. Royal J’s Premium Taste is a restaurant that was opened in Bishan selling everyone’s favourites. The restaurant is spacious and cosy where it is a perfect place for your families and friends to have […]

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    Tossed & Hotpot Udon – Tamoya

    Toss it like a pro, toss it like a boss. If you’re someone who prefers a nice bowl of udon noodles rather than ramen, Tamoya is the place for you. Located in Liang Court, Tamoya serves up a pretty decent bowl of sanuki udon which has a distinct chewy and smooth texture as compared to […]

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    Babao Dessert – Japanese & Local style desserts

    It’s getting late. You and your friends had a really nice dinner. Now you guys want dessert. But some of your friends want something traditional, some want something modern, and some want something cold because it’s just way too hot for them. Familiar dilemma? Do not fret because there is dessert place for everyone in […]

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    Pizza Maru: Korea’s Largest Pizza Chain

    Korea’s largest pizza chain is finally open in Singapore! Pizza Maru is especially well-known for their patented pizza doughs and their special flavours. To keep things consistent and as authentic as possible, they only use flour directly imported from Korea. So, what you get is the same as the original Korean version. If this is […]

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    24 HOUR Cheese Story Mookata Buffet

    This is not just any mookata buffet, but rather this is meat and seafood bonanza! Here are Cheese Story Mookata Buffet, they have an impressive selection of seafood and meat that is guaranteed to make your jaw drop. Check out all that marinated meat and SEAFOOD. Just look at all that shellfish. There are free-flow […]

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    SpringLeaf Prata: Unique Gourmet Prata

       Actually, without prata, most of our hearts will be kosong. But are you bored of the same old prata and need something different? Look no further to Springleaf Prata! It started in 2003, and it has opened several outlets all over our prata-loving island. This prata place serves the usual classic flavours but also have […]

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    Blue Willow: Avatar – Themed Bistro and Bar

    Now you can at Blue Willow. Located along Clementi Road, this is your chance to step into the world of Avatar. No, you will not be able to transfer your consciousness to a Na’vi avatar, but you get to dine amongst the mesmerising lights, props and murals depicting Pandora’s fascinating life. As with the environment of […]

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    Sugar Lips – Rainbow Pasta

       At Sugar Lips, you can be closer to the answer. They are known for serving anything and everything that is colourful and sweet. Step inside their psychedelic and industrial-themed café and get comfortable. Their tables are spacious and separated by a partition wall for some privacy. You might think that only their desserts are […]

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