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    Home Aluminium Metal Works: Your trustable home furnishing installation service

    With all the newly built flats, BTOs and old houses, people are constantly looking for interior designers, aluminium windows contractors, etc. It’s all about beautifying the house to one’s style. With many years of experience, Home Aluminium Metal Works is one of the most trustable services in installing quality home furnishings. They offer a broad […]

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    21 Artisan Cube: ‘Fried’ ice cream rolls

    21 Artisan Cube sells popular Thailand’s ice cream rolls, otherwise known as fried ice cream, pan ice cream or instant ice cream rolls. These rolls are such a hit amongst Singaporeans. You first order a base flavour (chocolate, matcha, vanilla, yoghurt, thai milk tea or yakult), and add in mixes of fruits, cookies and sauces. […]

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    Rainbow prata in Singapore

    These days, you find all sorts of prata. There’s the salted egg prata, chicken floss prata, maggi mee prata, etc. With so many types of prata already in the market, it must take a genius to come up with yet another version of a prata. The latest “in-trend” prata, however, isn’t a new prata flavour […]

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    Dofu: Black soy vegan ice cream

    Add charcoal to anything and it’ll immediately look more appealing. Made from black soybeans, this dairy-free soft serve is a vegan-friendly treat. There is already the undefeatable Llao Llao, long-standing contenders like Yoguru and Sogurt, coupled with countless ice cream stores in Singapore. What is it about Dofu that is gaining so much attention? The […]

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    Hougang Muah Chee: The famous artisanal black muah chee

    Muah chee is Singaporean’s version of mochi. This traditional snack can be found almost every where, especially in Pasar Malams. However, many of these muah chee stalls have dropped in standards, and it’s difficult to find one that will satisfy our cravings. This stall called “Hougang Six Miles Famous Muah Chee” is located inside Gourmet […]

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    Ding: Singapore’s first salted egg carrot cake

    Located at this atas coffee shop, Wild Market is Ding, a fried carrot cake stall like no other. This store only sells white versions of carrot cake with a little modern vamp to it. With 36 years of experience of helping out at her parent’s stall, Candy Lim, the founder of Ding, decided to come […]

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    Roost: A twist on our typical chicken rice

    When we heard that there was a restaurant specialising on one of Singapore’s favourite national dish, we were curious as to how this particular store, Roost, stood out from the rest. Roost is known for their innovative kitchen and how they are bringing satisfaction to their customers through their inventive menu of local and Asian […]

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    OMOOMODON: Make your own fusion don

    With Singaporeans everlasting love for Japanese cuisine and Korean Kpop and drama, it’s no surprise that more and more people are venturing into businesses relating to these cultures. Not too long ago, a restaurant serving surprisingly good fusion where Japanese meets Korean was born. OMOOMODON: The name ‘OMO-OMO‘ stands for ‘OH MY‘ in Korean slang, […]

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    Buy 1 free 1 hand-breaded wings combo at Wingstop

    Bigger. Juicier. Just as flavourful Calling out to all chicken wings fans out there! Wingstop is back with something bigger, juicer, and better. Indulge in their newly launched hand-breaded wings from 9th September. Purchase a 6-piece hand-breaded wings combo from 9th September to 17th September and get another on them! Why stop at one? This […]

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