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    Home Aluminium Metal Works: Your trustable home furnishing installation service

    With all the newly built flats, BTOs and old houses, people are constantly looking for interior designers, aluminium windows contractors, etc. It’s all about beautifying the house to one’s style.

    With many years of experience, Home Aluminium Metal Works is one of the most trustable services in installing quality home furnishings. They offer a broad range of top quality products with excellent installation services. Products range from aluminium windows, aluminium grilles, wrought iron window and door grilles, glass doors and many more.

    Here are some of Home Aluminium Metal Works finished projects.

    Having a large and spacious kitchen is every chef’s (homemade or not) dream. You can consider making use of bi-fold doors or panel windows to achieve it.

    Bi-fold door & 2-panel partition windows

    Collectable bi-fold door & window

    These collectable bi-fold installations are heavy duty and are paired with clear tempered glass. This is so to protect and prevent the children at home from getting cuts if the windows were ever to shatter.

    With this sort of installations, your flat will also look more spacious and brightly lighted.


    Many do not have a thought for having a study/workroom as they are afraid of feeling claustrophobic working in a small area. Get rid of that fear with an installation like this.

    Sliding door with fixed panel

    One simple way to ‘up-class’ your study room while allowing it to have ample of natural light. Make use of sliding doors and fixed panels with laminated glass as such to create an illusion of a big and spacious work and study place.
    If you are looking to create a wet and dry area for your bathroom, you can consider partitioning your toilet as per how Home Aluminium Metal Works did it.

    Laminated shower screen sliding door

    Fixed Panel with laminated glass


    Don’t fancy or old apartment’s window or grilles? Fret not, Home Aluminium Metal Works is here to save your day.

    Service yard windows and grilles

    HDB approved tinted windows & sliding grilles


    Home Aluminium Metal Works has one of the most trustable and reliable services in the market. Why do I say that?

    Other than the fact that they provide a one-year warranty on all their installations. I’ve witnessed their excellent service for myself.

    While we were at the house for a shoot, the owner of the flat told Andy (Home Aluminium Metal Works personnel) that his furniture was too large to fit through the door. Without hesitation, Andy immediately said: “No worries, I will get my people to take the whole door fixture down and install it when you are done moving your furniture. It will be quite hard for you to remove the door by yourself.”

    I was shocked. I have never seen a contractor with such commitment and service to their customers. Take a look at the feedbacks found on their Facebook account. If Home Aluminium Metal Works says that they are the second best contractor in Singapore with the most trustable service, no one can say first!

    For more info,
    watch this video below:

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/homealuminiummetalworks/
    Tel: 9003 6263
    Email: [email protected]

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    21 Artisan Cube: ‘Fried’ ice cream rolls

    21 Artisan Cube sells popular Thailand’s ice cream rolls, otherwise known as fried ice cream, pan ice cream or instant ice cream rolls. These rolls are such a hit amongst Singaporeans.

    You first order a base flavour (chocolate, matcha, vanilla, yoghurt, thai milk tea or yakult), and add in mixes of fruits, cookies and sauces. You get the freedom to make your own ice cream to your personal preference and creativity. Spicing things up even more, galaxy rolls are also available.

    If you are a thai milk tea lover, you should give their milk tea rolls a try!

    The prices are at $4.90 for a base with a mixer and $5.40 for 2 mixers.

    Watch the staff pour your ice cream mixture onto a cold metal surface, add in the mixes and ‘chop’ up the blend with two trowels, and spread that across like a thin sheet. The whole process will take about 2 minutes.

    The love letter liked rolls were smooth and creamy. It also has the perfect size for easy eating.

    For more info,
    watch the video below:

    Address: SCAPE Orchard #02-29 Singapore 237978
    Nearest MRT: Somerset
    Opening hours:
    Mon – Fri: 12pm to 10pm
    Sat – Sun: 11am to 10pm
    Tel: 9450 0725
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/21CUBEArtisanIceCream/

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    Rainbow prata in Singapore

    These days, you find all sorts of prata. There’s the salted egg prata, chicken floss prata, maggi mee prata, etc. With so many types of prata already in the market, it must take a genius to come up with yet another version of a prata.

    The latest “in-trend” prata, however, isn’t a new prata flavour – instead, it’s a prata that is so physically appealing.

    Banana Leaf Pork Briyani is a new stall recently opened at Wave9 in Woodlands industrial area. As the name suggests, this particular prata stall isn’t halal certified.

    The prata here are made slightly different as compared to the other prata stores in Singapore. With their unique recipe, colourful rainbow-like appearance, it will be sure to capture all attention.

    Currently, they only serve prata kosong ($1.50), egg prata ($2) and thosai in these beautiful colours, but don’t be sad as there will be more flavours coming up soon! I mean, what’s prata without curry right? At Banana Leaf Pork Briyani, you will get to choose between chicken or pork curry.

    Ps: Rainbow pratas are only served from 7am to 10.30am and 5pm till they are sold out. Do make sure to call and check if their pratas are available.

    Since you are already here, why not give their one-of-a-kind pork briyani a try too! It the one and only briyani stall that serves pork in Singapore!

    For more info,
    watch the video below:

    Address: 71 Woodlands Industrial Estate ParK E9, Wave9, S757047
    Nearest MRT: Woodlands
    Operating hours:
    7am to 10.30pm Daily
    Tel: 9321 8081
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/porkbriyani/

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    Dofu: Black soy vegan ice cream

    Add charcoal to anything and it’ll immediately look more appealing. Made from black soybeans, this dairy-free soft serve is a vegan-friendly treat.

    There is already the undefeatable Llao Llao, long-standing contenders like Yoguru and Sogurt, coupled with countless ice cream stores in Singapore. What is it about Dofu that is gaining so much attention?

    The owner of Dofu wanted something healthy yet appealing to the masses. It will be a selling point if people can enjoy what they are eating and at a convenient level for them. That means having a light snack like Dofu’s ice cream whenever they can, be it after meals or after school time. In short, a snack that many would not have to worry about their calories.

    The grey colour of the ice cream comes from the bamboo charcoal added into the mixture. It has many health benefits such as improved blood circulation and improving metabolism, etc.

    Dofu also prizes its ice cream as no added fats, no artificial colouring, diary and flavouring. It also naturally contains (from the soy beans) a type of omega-3 fatty acid essential for normal human growth and development.

    We like how their ice cream is not too sweet and is healthy. A cup of Dofu ($5.60) gets you a cup layered with equal portions of soft serve and black soybean pudding, along with five toppings — the selection includes fresh fruit, granola, jelly pearls and more. According to Burppler Hannah Chew, portions are generous, so it might be a good idea to share.

    Ps: Their pudding and ice cream are gluten free.

    We topped ours with pearls, chocolate crunch and rainbow sprinkles for that extra pop of colour.

    Vegan-friendly, healthy and low in calories. Indulge in this healthy dessert with no guilt!

    For more info,
    watch this video below:

    Address: 2 Jurong East Central 1, JCube, #B1-K13, S609731
    Nearest MRT: Jurong East
    Operating hours:
    10am to 10pm Daily
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dofu.sg/

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    Hougang Muah Chee: The famous artisanal black muah chee

    Muah chee is Singaporean’s version of mochi. This traditional snack can be found almost every where, especially in Pasar Malams. However, many of these muah chee stalls have dropped in standards, and it’s difficult to find one that will satisfy our cravings.

    This stall called “Hougang Six Miles Famous Muah Chee” is located inside Gourmet Paradise Food Court at Toa Payoh HDB Hub. Upon ordering at this humble store, you’ll see the uncle rolling the muah chee into small balls before dipping in scallion oil and dunking them into either crush peanuts or black sesame!

    I mean, have you ever heard of BLACK muah chee?!?

    The owner of started making muah chee at the age of 14. He insisted on using hands to prepare the muah chee, making it more tender.

    This is by far the chewiest and most fragrant muah chee in Singapore, thanks to the copious amount of ground peanuts and black sesame. These muah chee are so pillowy soft that you won’t be able to resist, gobbling it all down.

    There are 3 different portions available: small (S$2.50), medium (S$3.50) and large (S$5.50). Only one flavour is allowed for the smallest portion. However, you can opt to mix both the black and white muah chee for the medium and large portion.

    Make sure to visit this store everytime you pop by Toa Payoh hub.

    For more info,
    watch the video below:

    Address: Toa Payoh Hdb Hub, 480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, S310480
    Nearest MRT: Toa Payoh
    Operating hours:
    10.30am to 9.30pm Daily
    Tel: 81206519

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    Ding: Singapore’s first salted egg carrot cake

    Located at this atas coffee shop, Wild Market is Ding, a fried carrot cake stall like no other. This store only sells white versions of carrot cake with a little modern vamp to it.

    With 36 years of experience of helping out at her parent’s stall, Candy Lim, the founder of Ding, decided to come out with her brand of carrot cake. Her carrot cake is enhanced and has improved frying method that makes it crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

    This ultimate salted-egg sauce was rich and creamy. Laksa leaves can also be found in this dish, making it more flavourful. I never knew that salted egg could have tasted so delicious with carrot cake.

    Ding also serve tom yum carrot cake. Nothing extraordinary about this as many other places also sells carrot cake in this flavour. I would be more impressed if other ingredients such as prawns were to be found in this dish, making more resemblance to ‘tom yum’. None the less, this particular carrot cake has got the right amount of spiciness from the tom yum sauce, giving it the right balance.

    All in all, Ding is worth a visit with their overwhelmingly tasty salted egg carrot cake.

    Ps: Wild Market is also really beautiful with great atmosphere, you should check it out!

    For more info,
    watch the video below:

    Address: 100 Beach Road #01-27/37, S189702
    Nearest MRT: Esplanade
    Operating hours:
    Mon – Fri: 8am to 12am
    Sat – Sun: 10am to 12am
    Tel: 9247 5319
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wildmarketsg/

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    Roost: A twist on our typical chicken rice

    When we heard that there was a restaurant specialising on one of Singapore’s favourite national dish, we were curious as to how this particular store, Roost, stood out from the rest.

    Roost is known for their innovative kitchen and how they are bringing satisfaction to their customers through their inventive menu of local and Asian delights.

    All the chickens at Roost are cooked using a patented automated poultry machine named iKook. The idea of this ‘made by Singaporeans’ invention was sparked by Krispy Kreme’s automated doughnut-making process.

    iKook is now the world’s first automated poultry machine capable of poaching, braising and sous-vide-ing up to nine whole chickens at one go, ensuring the consistent quality of the chicken, with minimal expertise needed.

    Here are some of their must-try amazing yet healthy food creations.

    Chicken Sushi ($4.90)

    Roost’s signature chicken sushi fuses Japanese with our most well-loved dish. Here, you will find our local flavours infused into a portion of 4 bite-sized sushi servings.Thinly sliced soya chicken is neatly placed on relatively well held up chicken rice and garnished with fried shallots. A one of a kind dish!


    Crispy chicken rice balls ($4.90)

    Chicken rice balls are heard of, but fried ones do not seem familiar. Sink your teeth into these tightly packed crispy fried chicken rice balls that carry a light hint of ginger and chicken stock aroma. The taste is comparable to those chicken rice balls in Malacca, flavorful in every bite.

    Ps: Remember to dip these tasty balls into the curry mayo.


    Yin Yang Chicken ($8.90)

    Get the best of both worlds with poached chicken & soya sauce chicken. This is the perfect dish to taste and rate the chicken cooked by iKook. The meat was moist and tender, satisfying every taste buds of ours. Just like another other chicken rice, but way better!

    For more info,
    watch the video below:

    Address: Centrepoint B1-17/18/19, 176 Orchard Road, S238843
    Nearest MRT: Somerset
    Operating hours:
    11am to 9pm Daily
    Tel: 6909 0411
    Website: http://www.roost.sg/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/roost.sg/

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    OMOOMODON: Make your own fusion don

    With Singaporeans everlasting love for Japanese cuisine and Korean Kpop and drama, it’s no surprise that more and more people are venturing into businesses relating to these cultures. Not too long ago, a restaurant serving surprisingly good fusion where Japanese meets Korean was born.

    OMOOMODON: The name ‘OMO-OMO‘ stands for ‘OH MY‘ in Korean slang, and the word ‘DON‘ means Bowl in Japanese – together they become ‘OH MY DON‘. What an ingenious business name.

    A happy fusion of the two well-loved cuisines and the wide variety of delicious-sounding rice/noodle bowls available on the menu of this eatery will make you go ‘OMO’ indeed.

    At OMOOMODON, it all begins with a self-service, digitalised concept (similar to that of Macdonalds) and ends with a tray return system to promote a quick and fuss-free dining experience. OMOOMODON has got 18 signature dons for you to select from if you do not want to make your own.


    ‘Build My Don‘ price starts from $8. The prices vary with the different ingredients chosen. You will have to choose your base, proteins, garnishes and either soup or sauce when creating your personalised bowl.

    Top up an additional $5 for a set which includes a soft drink and a side dish of your choice. Don’t forget to complete your meal with Korean Bingsoo desserts.

    While we were here, we customised two bowls. Take a look and tell us if it looks delicious.

    Ingredients: Korean white rice, onsen and tobiko, bulgogi and teriyaki sauce


    Our ‘healthier creation.’
    Ingredients: Mixed grain rice, mixed greens, fried chicken and bibimbap sauce

    This eatery seemed promising, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The individual items that we had were flavourful enough on their own. If you are looking for an affordable, satisfying meal, this is the place to go. The atmosphere and environment were also pretty chill making our lunch enjoyable. It may be difficult to cater to a large group at times with the many different food dietary requirements, but OMOOMODON has got you covered. This restaurant is halal certified and it has got vegan options as well!

    Get spoilt for choices here at OMOOMODON today!

    For more info,
    watch the video below:

    Address: The Star Vista #02-14/15, S138617
    Nearest MRT: Buona Vista
    Operating hours: 
    11am to 9.30pm Daily
    Tel: 6734 1863
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/omoomodon/
    Website: https://omoomodon.oddle.me/

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    Buy 1 free 1 hand-breaded wings combo at Wingstop

    Bigger. Juicier. Just as flavourful

    Calling out to all chicken wings fans out there! Wingstop is back with something bigger, juicer, and better. Indulge in their newly launched hand-breaded wings from 9th September.

    Purchase a 6-piece hand-breaded wings combo from 9th September to 17th September and get another on them! Why stop at one? This buy-1-free-1 promotion will go on for 9 days straight.

    Terms & Conditions:
    – Only valid for dine-in and takeaway.
    – Not valid with other promotions or discounts.

    Find the nearest Wingstop outlet from you here.

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    Colourful Tea Choux Puffs

    The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. blends are something many is familiar with. It is known for its consistency in quality, signature aroma and refined taste. The appreciation of fine tea has increased over the years, becoming an everyday indulgence in people’s lives.

    The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. flagship standalone retail store at ION not only includes a retail space, but it also has a first-of-its-kind in-store tea bar. Besides serving a variety of hot teas from the Essentials, Herbal & Blossoms, Tropics and Luxuries range (tea bags and loose teas available for retail), this takeaway retail concept also includes a series of speciality teas and tea-infused pastries and desserts.

    However, we came for their colourful tea choux puffs. Many were raving about it and we need to know what it’s all about.

    You’ll be attracted to their colourful display of tea choux upon entering the shop. The selection offered was both overwhelming and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. There are five flavours available – Vanilla, Matcha, Earl grey, Eternal Garden (rose) and Milk Tea ($3.20 each, $12 for a box of 4).

    We had the baby pink Eternal Garden and baby blue Earl Grey tea choux. The first bite into Eternal Garden was heavenly, with a tinge of sweetness that was balanced out by a subtle bitterness of tea. The tea aroma Earl Grey puff was more subtle.

    Like any other choux pastry, it is light and slightly chewy with a sugary crust to complete it. The best part comes when you hit the core. The flavour was strong, but not overwhelming, giving off a lively and mouth-drying effect on the tongue. Not bitter, but a clean and refreshing finish.

    Overall, this could be the perfect snack anytime of the day! It maybe a bit pricey, but it’s worth every single penny.

    Ps: These puffs need to be left at room temperature for 10 minutes before eating to soften the cream. Do note that only the ion outlet sells the tea puffs if you are looking for it!

    For more info,
    watch the video below:

    ION Outlet
    Address: 2 Orchard Turn #B4-07, S238801
    Nearest MRT: Orchard
    Operating hours:
    10am to 10pm Daily
    Tel: 6509 8745
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1872ClipperTea/
    Website: http://www.clippertea.com.sg

    Places that sell The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. tea:
    – Raffles City #B1-48
    – Tangs at Tangs Plaza Basement 1
    – Robinsons The Heeren Basement 1
    – Gardens by the Bay gift shops
    – Singapore Botanic Gardens gift shops
    – Night Safari Village Craft