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    Soup Spoon X Cartoon Network Cafe

    We probably all grew up with Cartoon Network, watching all over favourite cartoons at every given moment, much to our parent’s dismay. And Cartoon Network is still loved by many children and youth now, with many new shows and remakes of old ones. Well, take a trip to memory lane or bring your kids over to Soup Spoon at Waterway Point for they have completely revamped themselves as a Cartoon Network restaurant!

    Step inside and be transported into a world of your favourite characters. Featuring The Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, Adventure Time and We Bare Bears, you and the kids will definitely love this set-up. The whole restaurant is decorated with Cartoon Network statues and prints, right down to each table having cartoon placemats and colouring sheets for the kids.

    The best part, all the food is Cartoon Network themed! The pork and lard free menu has a number of appetisers, mains, desserts, drinks and their epic milkshakes.

    Start your meal with The Powerpuff Girls Pot Pie. Dive through the Powerpuff pastry and into some mushroom soup or creamy clam chowder. After that, try out Finn’s Black Pepper Seafood Pasta filled with all sorts seafood and shellfish or the Omnitrix Pizza for ultimate power!

    In the mood for something sweet? Get the Pan-Pan Brownie with Ice-cream to end your meal. Or a Blossom Carrot Cake, garnished with pink cotton candy, marshmallows and a macaron.

    Quench your thirst with the Blossom Strawberry Soda. You can feel like Professor Utonium and mix your own perfect strawberry concoction into a beaker filled with cotton candy.

    Of course, for the ultimate sugar rush, get the milkshake. These are no ordinary milkshakes as they are thick and filled with all sorts of sweets from marshmallows to even whole doughnuts.

    Indulge in some Powerpuff Girls Vanilla Milkshake that is topped with marshmallows, a macaron and other sweet goodies. How about a Grizzly Milkshake topped with whipped cream, wafer rolls and candy bars? Your inner kid is probably screaming right now.

    Bring your kids or relive your childhood here at the Cartoon Network themed Soup Spoon restaurant!

    For more info, watch the video below:

    Address: Waterway Point, 83 Punggol Central #B1-12 , Singapore 828761
    Operating hours:
    11am – 10pm (Mon – Fri)
    9.30am – 10pm (Sat & Sun)
    Tel: 6385 9254
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CNCafeByTSS/

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    2x iPhone X Giveaway at Black Knight Warrior Restaurant

    As the name suggests, Black Knight Warrior is a strong competition for all hotpot restaurants in the market. It has been Taiwan’s crowd favourite with over 30 years of heritage. With celebrities visiting them, their name can be heard all the way to our home ground, and we’re glad to say that it’s finally in Singapore! Is their food really so fantastic? Is it worth the hype? Let’s find out!

    Singapore’s first and only Black Knight Warrior outlet is located at The Shoppes in Marina Bay Sands. It is famous for its flavourful broth which is very much different unlike any other hotpot broths. Instead of a soup base made with instant stock cubes and a few subpar ingredients, the broths are made individually with the finest quality ingredients and boiled for hours to release all their goodness into the soups. You certainly do not have to worry about bland tasting soup.

    There are six choices of broths available where most of them are sold at $38. It may seem like a hefty price, but it’s worth every single cent. Alternatively, you can also order a combination pot of two different stocks for $48. They are served in these cloisonné bronze pots which are decorated with bright floral designs.

    Here we got the Sichuan Spicy Hotpot broth and the Beauty Pot broth. The Sichuan Spicy Hotpot ($38) comes with pieces of tofu and beef tendon to add some richness to this spicy base. If you don’t like spice, you can opt for the store’s most popular Beauty Pot ($38) that has chunks of pig trotter and slices of tripe for that collagen boost. And if you want something simpler but still full of flavour, they also have chicken broth which goes well with all meat and seafood.

    The other thing that made Black Knight Warrior stand out was the freshness of its meat, seafood and vegetables. Holy Moly, just look at the wide array of meat and seafood! Imported either from Australia, US, or Japan, they have high-grade Wagyu beef and black pork that just melts in your mouth! Their seafood is alive and the moment you place an order, they will immediately prepare them for you. You can look at them swimming in the tanks before they land onto your plate. It doesn’t get any fresher than this!

    Do also try out the Dan Jiao egg dumplings and other sides as they are perfect to soak up the broth. If you are looking for something more unique, they also offer fish paste udon, squid ink udon and their in-house special QQ noodles. We doubt you can find anything close to this in other restaurants.

    We would say that Black Knight Warrior is definitely a place to go if you are looking to impress someone or simply want to indulge yourself after a long work week.

    And now for the best part, Black Knight Warrior is doing a lucky draw! 2 lucky people will stand a chance of winning an 64gb iPhone X in the colour of your choice! (colour subjected to availability)


    All you have you do is:

    • Like, share and comment on the Marchh Facebook post to get 1 chance at winning
    • With every $50 spent at the Black Knight restaurant, you will receive 1 giveaway ticket for 1 chance of winning. However, for our beloved Marchh.com fans, quote “Marchh” and you will be entitled to an additional giveaway ticket! The more you spend, the higher the chances of winning!

    This Giveaway contest starts on 16th November 2017 till 2nd January 2018, 6pm. The winners will be announced on 7th January 2018. Good luck!

    Remember to set Notifications to “All On” in case you miss our announcements!

    For more info,
    watch video below:


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    ZoukOut 2017- One World, One Tribe, One Dance

    ZoukOut is Asia’s yearly outdoors music and dance festival, hosted by the best nightclub in Asia, Zouk. It is one epic festival starting from 8pm all the way to 8am with non-stop partying.

    This time ZoukOut comes back for its 12th edition that will be happening on December 8th-9th at Siloso Beach, Sentosa. Expect over 45,000 people to be there. It’s gonna be one hell of a party.

    ZoukOut 2017 will feature local artistes like Elias, Mai Sisters, Nash D and special acts from Rich Chigga. It is going to be a night of dance music of all genres.

    Apart from good music, there will also be bungee jumping, swinging on the world’s first dual swing set and skywalks for a birds-eye view of the festival. Who would have thought that you could bungee jump in a music festival?

    Feeling peckish after all that fun and excitement? Don’t worry as you can choose from the great variety of food and drinks available. Chill out at the food tents and the bar serving up their signature cocktails, tapas and food from Keisuke Ramen, Udders Ice-Cream and more. Always make sure to eat properly and keep yourself hydrated if you want to survive the night.

    If you are attending on both days, plan and book your transport back home early. Or to make things easier and much more comfortable, you can book a hotel in Sentosa. ZoukOut offer hotel packages with the various hotels like Resorts World Singapore, W Singapore and Park Hotel. Some of the hotels offer shuttle services to the ZoukOut venue so that you can travel to the party in style and comfort.

    For more info, watch the video below:

    So what are you waiting for? Hurry and get your ZoukOut2017 tickets now!

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    FOO’D by Davide Oldani

    Five lucky couples have a chance of winning an elegant 12-course Omakase weekend lunch special worth $104 per couple at FOO’D by Davide Oldani!

    FOO’D by Davide Oldani is a European fine dining restaurant owned by one Michelin star chef, Davide Oldani. Chef Oldani brings his concept of Cucina POP, meaning for and belonging to everyone, right to the heart of Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall. He aims to create a fine dining experience that uses the finest seasonal ingredients to create something that is innovative, simple and hearty. The menu is designed to suit local palettes so that diners can focus on the taste and appreciate the overall dining experience. Diners will get to enjoy their meal in the neo-classical interiors of Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall that showcases the concert hall’s rich 150-year history.

    Apart from the elegant dining experience, FOO’D also host events in its restaurants. It’s dining hall can seat 150 people while at the al-fresco area can seat 80 people, making it a perfect place to hold events and grand dinners.

    Its upcoming event is a wedding show on the 26th of November from 1-5pm. Admission is free. Guests are entitled to many wedding perks including a complimentary cocktail reception package for 50 persons worth $2,650++ and complimentary stay in a suite in a 5-Star hotel worth $848++. You can save over $3,500++ when you book with FOO’D for your wedding day. This is the perfect opportunity to have a luxurious dream wedding that will definitely impress all your guests.

    Couples who are keen to attend this wedding show can reserve your seat here:… Alternatively, you can contact 6385 5588 or email: [email protected] to arrange for a private viewing

    In partnership with Marchh.com, 5 lucky couples will walk away with a 12-course Omakase weekend lunch special at FOO’D worth $104 per couple. To enter, simply follow the three steps below:

    1. Like both our Facebook and FOODbyDO FB page
    2. Share this video post
    3. Tag a friend who is getting married OR comment to share why should couples hold their wedding at FOO’D

    For more info,
    watch video below:

    Address: 11 Empress Place, #01-01, Singapore 179558
    Operating hours: Daily 12pm-3pm/6pm-11pm
    Tel: 6385 5588
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FOODbyDO/
    Website: http://www.foodbydo.com


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    Premium Royal Bird’s Nest Soup

    Bird’s Nest comes with a long list of health benefits when consumed. It is well-known to be a beauty food, reputed to maintain youthfulness and enhance the skin complexion.

    To taste this delicacy in the past, we have to buy and brew it ourselves which involves quite a bit of work and hassle. Luckily in today’s world, shops like Royal Bird’s Nest gives us the luxury of consuming this delicacy without the hassle. Their Bird’s Nest Soup are freshly brewed daily and they can have it delivered to you. It comes in 4 different flavours:

    1. Ginseng with Wolfberries
    2. Red Dates with Ginkgo Nut
    3. Osmanthus and Aloe Vera
    4. Coconut Jelly

    However, if you are insistent on brewing the Bird’s Nest yourself, they also sell Super Grade 1 Bird’s Nest and premium Bird’s Nest Strips. You will be spoilt for choice!

    The Bird’s Nest that we tried were super yummy and we want to share it with you!

    Hence, we will be selecting 3 lucky winners to enjoy freshly brewed original flavour Bird’s Nest soup (worth $88) delivered to your footsteps.

    To participate in this giveaway, follow the steps below:

    1. Like our Facebook page
    2. Share this video
    3. Tag your family or friends whom you want to share this delicacy with

    This giveaway will end on 24th November, Friday, at 6pm. Selected winners will be notified via Facebook.

    Remember to set Notifications to “All On” in case you miss our announcements!

    For more info,
    watch video below:

    Address: 101 Upper Cross Street, #02-66 People’s Park Centre, Singapore 058357
    Operating hours: Daily 11am to 7pm
    Tel: 6223 9593
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RoyalnestSG

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    The Flame Cafe – Halal 4 Tier Pagoda Steamboat

    You have heard of the typical mookata, and you’re probably tired of the same old steamboat you get at restaurants and family gatherings. But Flame Café, they take these two things up to the next level. Specifically, four levels up.

    Located right next to Tai Seng MRT, Flame Café is a restaurant that serves up this epic four-tier Pagoda Steamboat Buffet. They offer three types of buffets: Deluxe, Premium and Supreme, each coming with their own perks. Whichever you pick, you are guaranteed to the wide selection of meat, vegetables, noodles and more.

    With every Supreme buffet, you are entitled to a free lobster or live crab that is cooked to your liking. And that’s not all; you can also order anything from their a la carte buffet menu. So, if you and your friends are really hungry, this is the deal for you.

    Tier 1: The Soup
    They offer Chicken, Tom Yum, Mala and Herbal Tonic soup bases where if you get the Premium or Supreme buffet, you can choose two bases. Choose your soup base and start cooking!

    Tier 2: The Grill
    Other than boiling your food, you can grill your meat and seafood on the second tier till they are
    perfectly cooked and nicely charred. Don’t steal your friend’s meat!

    Tier 3: Cheese Fondue
    This one goes out to the cheese lovers. After cooking your food, you can dip them all in the gooey and melty cheese fondue. Don’t worry about the cheese solidifying; it will always be warm and melted. And if cheese isn’t your thing, they have Salted Egg and Mongolian dips for your food.

    Tier 4: Steamer
    You probably have never seen a steamer together with a mookata buffet, but here it is! After eating all that creamy cheese and grilled meat, you can refresh your palate by steaming your seafood and vegetables on the fourth tier. You can also make and steam your own Chawanmushi, Japanese egg custard, on top too.

    Did we mention that you can also make your own pizza? You can create a mini pizza and bake it in a mini wood fire oven. Go ahead and add that extra cheese on it, we won’t judge you. And like most buffets, ice cream and drinks are included.

    Buffets too heavy for you? Do not fret as they have an a la carte menu serving Western-Asian fusion cuisine! They have lunchtime set meals so those working nearby or students can come over and eat.

    Choose from pasta to all-day breakfast and chill out with your friends.

    We are sharing the love by doing a giveaway! You and your special someone have a chance of
    winning a supreme buffet.

    To participate in this giveaway contest, follow the steps below:
    1) Like our Facebook page
    2) Share this video post
    3) Tag your family or friends whom you want to bring along

    The giveaway contest will end on 22 nd November (Wednesday) @ 6pm. The 3 lucky winners
    will be notified via Facebook.

    For more info,
    watch video below:

    Address: 73 Upper Paya Lebar Rd, Centro Bianco, Singapore 534818
    Operating Hours:
    Sunday – Thursday (11am – 1am)
    Friday & Saturday (11am – 3am)
    Tel: 6282 1036
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/flamecafesingapore/

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    Famous Cheese Toast Coming to Singapore!

    Behold Cheese Lovers! Say Chiizu, a popular Hokkaido Cheese Toast from Bangkok will be opening their first store in Singapore come 2018!

    The bread filled with Mozzarella and Cream Cheese is toasted to perfection and will leave you craving for more after your first bite.

    Available in 5 flavours – Original Cheese, Chocolate Cheese, Charcoal Cheese, Strawberry Cheese and Matcha Cheese.

    Remember to prepare your phone for the instagrammable and super fun moment when you tear the toast apart and perform the epic cheese stretch.

    Good things are worth the wait. Remember to look out for the store opening in 2018!

    For more info,
    watch video below:

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/saychiizu.sg/

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    Staycation Giveaway at Le Méridien Sentosa

    #Staycation #Giveaway – Our Staycation giveaway is back! We are giving away a 1-night stay at Le Méridien Sentosa Heritage Premium room! The room is about 40-48 sqm and it comes with buffet breakfast for 2. It’s time to unwind and chill at Sentosa!!!

    Interested in winning this giveaway? Watch the video below for more details:

    Video credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i43Z1pBWrk8

    To participate in this Giveaway contest, follow the 3 steps below:
    1. Like Marchh.com​ Facebook page
    2. Share this video post
    3. Comment and tag your friends whom you want to bring along

    Double your chances of winning by telling us what you are going to do during this Staycation.

    This Giveaway will end on 14th Nov (Tuesday) at 6pm. The selected winner will be notified via Facebook and provided with details on on redemption of the Staycation gift certificate.

    More info of Le Méridien Sentosa Heritage Premium room:

    Terms and Conditions:

    • The gift certificate is not transferable and non-replaceable
    • Prior reservation is required and black-out dates apply
    • Presentation of the gift certificate is required upon check-in
    • Redemption is subject to availability 
    • The gift certificate can only be redeemed at Le Méridien Sentosa and cannot be exchanged for cash or in kind
    • Date of expiry – 31st December 2017
    • Other Terms and Conditions apply, which are listed on the official gift certificate


    (Updated on 15 November, Wednesday)
    Congratulations to our winner!
    The lucky winner of this Giveaway is:

    Albaity Qamarol Ottoman – https://www.facebook.com/qamarolyle

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    Marvellous Matcha Lava Hotcakes at Ninja Cut

    Just a short walk away from Bras Basah complex is a café called Ninja Cut. Under Darren Wee’s chain of Ninja eateries, Ninja Cut is a café that offers healthy Japanese inspired dishes and also rich desserts and drinks.

    With their spacious and modern-looking interiors, this place is perfect for your meal times or just a chill-out place for you, your friends and family.

    While they boast about their hearty and healthy bowls and their selection of cakes, it was their signature Marvellous Matcha Lava Hotcakes which we couldn’t resist trying out. These hotcakes are made to order but it is definitely worth the wait.

    The hotcakes are deep green in colour, thick and fluffy like a Japanese Soufflé pancake. Topped with ricotta cheese, shortbread crumbles and decorated with edible flowers, it looks like a mini garden. They aren’t just decorative; they offer flavour and texture contrast when eaten together with the soft Matcha hotcakes. Did we mention that when you cut into the hotcakes, the rich Matcha filling will come oozing out onto the plate?

    This dessert is perfect for sharing with your friends and family so ask them along!

    For more info,
    watch the video below:

    Address: 32 Seah St, Singapore 188388 
    Operating hours: 
    Mon – Fri: 9.30am to 7.30pm
    Sat & Sun: 9am to 6pm
    Tel: 6264 7727
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheNinjaCut/

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    Crayfish Prawn Sah Hor Fun

    Tuck Kee (Ipoh) Sah Hor Fun stall is located in Hong Lim Food Centre where every day, there is a long line of customers waiting to get food.

    They specialise in Ipoh hor fun and you can get it topped with ingredients like chicken and prawn. However, their main speciality is their famous and media-recommended CrayFish Prawn Sah Hor Fun. For a reasonable price of $8, you can get a generous portion of hor fun with fresh crayfish and shelled prawns. The large-sized crayfish is so fresh that you can peel off the flesh easily from the shells. The plump and juicy prawns add on another level of seafood goodness and matches with the crayfish perfectly. All the ingredients are topped with their silky and flavourful speciality gravy that’s based on a family recipe passed down for generations. It evenly coats the noodles and toppings so that with every bite you can get a mouthful of savoury goodness.

    We also paired our hor fun with their special prawn dumpling soup. The homemade dumplings are filled with fresh whole prawns which are sweet to taste. This clean-tasting soup, together with the dumplings and some vegetables, is the perfect complement with the rich and mouth-watering hor fun.

    Despite the long queues and the short operating hours, it is definitely worth every effort to come down and try out this extravagant seafood treat. This is indeed one of the best hor funs in Singapore.

    For more info,
    watch the video below:

    Address: Hong Lim Food Centre, 531A Upper Cross Street, Singapore 051531
    Operating hours: Daily 11am to 2.45pm