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    Colourful, All-Natural Bubble Teas at Bobii Frutti!

    Ever wondered what Mermaid’s Tears tasted like? This is your chance.

    We are pretty sure that the whole of Singapore loves bubble tea. Ok maybe not the whole of Singapore but definitely a lot of people. Today, we bring another place for you: Bobii Frutti! They are a bubble tea brand from Taiwan that is all about the colourful layers with none of the harmful stuff. That’s right. All the drinks are made with the highest quality ingredients sourced from farm to table. Containing no artificial flavours, colours, preservatives whatsoever! So you can Instagram without feeling worried for the nasty stuff. Here are our recommendations!

    On a hot day (which is like almost every day), a nice cup of ice blended drink would definitely be on top of your list. Cool off with a cup of Mermaid’s Tears or have yourself some Don’t Want to Grow Up. Awesome names right? Mermaid Tears is an ice blended butterfly pea tea drink with a layer of mango juice together with yoghurt and honey for some sweetness. At the bottom, there’s the butterfly pea bobii. The colours will remind you of the sandy beaches and the blue sea, an instant trip to a tropical paradise. This drink is really refreshing with some sweet and tangy flavours going on. Don’t Want to Grow Up is a more fruity variant with layers of strawberry and mango, blended together with fresh milk and yoghurt. Not only the layers are pretty to look at but also as sweet and tangy as the Mermaid’s Tears. This is a good alternative for those who are not a fan of tea.

    For those who want something that’s totally Instagrammable, a cup of Pandora Treasure is for you. Lemon tea with butterfly pea tea together with even more lemon and honey. And for those who don’t know, the blue butterfly pea tea will change to pink when you add lemon to it! So you will get this pastel pink concoction with layers of white and blue bobii. More towards the sour side, this drink not only looks good but tastes good as well.

    Matcha lovers, this is for you. You gotta get the Uji Snow. It is hand-whisked Uji matcha ( the best matcha ever) mixed with fresh milk, brown cane sugar and some original bobii. Sweet, creamy with some bitterness from the matcha, this is something that all matcha lovers will approve of. Of course, they have the usual milk teas and fruit teas too. However, instead of getting the usual milk tea, why not get their Extraordinary Bubble Milk Tea. It is black tea au lait with brown sugar bobii at the bottom. Sounds simple but you can taste the difference as they use really high-grade tea to make this drink extraordinary.

    If that’s not enough, Bobii Frutti has a sweet 1-for-1 Buddy Promotion! Running for the whole of August, purchase any of their signature drinks and get a FREE Mango Yakult Green Tea! Only available from 3-6pm at Suntec City from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). 1 promo drink per customer and not applicable for delivery. All the more reason to head down to Suntec City to get your refreshing cup of Bobii Fruitti!

    For more info, watch the video below:

    1. Suntec City Mall
    2. Clementi Mall

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    Unlimited Grilled Fish and Sides at Orchid Roast Fish!

    Grilled fish in Singapore is becoming a popular trend amongst many people. However, it can be on the pricey side, made worse with the lack of variety. Well, today, we bring you another affordable restaurant to satiate your appetites; Orchid Roast Fish! This restaurant is an all-you-can-eat buffet in Singapore where you can have, not just one, but as many grilled fishes as you want. Sides and appetisers included and refillable broth. Have we got your interest? Read below for more!

    When at Orchid Roast Fish, you know you got to get the grilled fish right? In their super value-for-money roast fish buffet, you can eat as much sea bass as you want with all the different soups. There are 9 different soups to choose from ranging from mild chicken and mushroom broth to their signature extra spicy broth. Pick what you want and wait for the fish to arrive at your table piping hot. The fish is served in an electrical heated tray so that the broth will always be bubbling and your fish nice and hot. Dive in and have yourself some tender fish that has been swimming in that flavoursome broth!

    You know what else is awesome in this buffet? Free flow sides and appetisers! There are 40 over items to choose from! When you need a break from eating fish, you can go ahead and get some sides like pork belly, Australian beef, cheese tofu, Chinese cabbage and so forth. You should get their homemade pork dumplings too, they are irresistible! The broth is refillable so don’t worry if you’re running out of it. This is just the standard buffet, it’s pretty good right? Of course, if you’re feeling extravagant, you can order some seafood like lobster or scallops for yourself (not part of the buffet). Otherwise, you are definitely good to go!

    Even though the drinks and some items like the mantou are not included in the standard buffet, it is still value for money as the prices are really reasonable! Orchid Roast Fish is great for families or groups where you can eat as much fish and sides till your heart’s content. If you’re not up for their buffet, they also have to highly recommended Cod Fish and Prawn Platter and their Yellow Croaker Fish Stew (you can’t find this fish easily in Singapore) that you can try! Drop by Orchid Roast Fish and have yourself a hearty meal!

    For more info, watch the video below:

    68 Pagoda Street
    Singapore 059227

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    Enjoy a Unique and Wallet-Friendly Hotpot Experience at Ding Xian Hot Pot!

    Have you ever felt that sometimes, steamboats in Singapore are just way too expensive? Especially if you’re a small eater amidst the buffet table. Never fear, as we found another steamboat place in Singapore that is super affordable. Presenting, Ding Xian Hotpot, an ala carte steamboat restaurant where you just pay for whatever you order! It is a great way to eat your absolute favourites without having to pay for everything. Not only the price but the food there is interesting as there are some Japanese influences in some of the dishes. Check out what we got!

    Let’s talk about the soups first. Like most steamboat restaurants, you will get a variety of soup bases to choose from. Usually, most people would go for herbal and Mala options for their steamboat. But how ‘bout we do things a little differently this time. We recommend getting their Bak Kut Teh soup and their Blazing Magma Miso soup base. The Bak Kut Teh soup is a nice, herbal tasting soup that goes well with a lot of the ingredients. The Blazing Magma Miso soup (the name sounds awesome, doesn’t it?) is a spicy Japanese miso soup that will sure pack a punch. It’s indeed spicy but not too much as you can drink bowls and bowls of this savoury broth. It’s certainly something different from the usual Mala.

    Here comes the part where most people are interested in, the steamboat ingredients! Once again, all the ingredients are ala carte where you only pay for what you order. Prices for each serving start from $2. Expect some luxurious selections like Wagyu beef, Iberico pork, fresh scallops and even Ox tongue! And if you like, you can add in a ball of collagen into your soup for more depth of flavour and the health benefits that come with it. They also have a free-flow condiment bar so go crazy and mix up your favourite flavours.

    Ding Xian also has a variety of cooked food and sweet stuff to satiate your cravings. One of the sides you can try out is the Braised Mala Chicken Feet. It’s a tasty snack that’s not overly spicy so don’t worry! If you want something sweet for dessert, do try out the Yuzu Mochi. These soft, chewy and tangy treats are refreshing; you can’t just have one!

    If you ever feel like having a steamboat that’s easy on the wallet, Ding Xian Hot Pot is just for you. Another great thing about this place is that they have lunch promos where you can have your own hotpot! Now that’s a deal. After you’re done with your shopping at Suntec or want some comforting hotpot for your meal, you know where to go!

    For more info, watch the video below:

    Suntec City Mall #03-315
    3 Temasek Boulevard
    Singapore 038983

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    Prawn Mee with a Modern Twist at Prawnaholic!

    Lots of things going on at Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre with new stalls and schemes popping up. The latest happening is Prawnaholic which takes prawn noodles to the next level! Opened by Chef Alan and his team, they level up the humble prawn mee with lots of luxurious ingredients, mainly their Kurobuta pork slices. You heard us right, Kurobuta pork slices covered in teriyaki sauce and torched till its all smokey and chargrilled. Of course, the Kurobuta pork is not the only thing to look forward to. Check out what we got ‘cause we bet that you’ll fly to Pasir Ris after reading this.

    Firstly, you gotta get their King Prawn Noodles! We got the dry noodles version. It is similar to their special prawn noodles just that it’s topped with succulent king prawns! These prawns are
    so fresh and sweet which is a sure treat for most of us. And of course, topped with that delicious Kurobuta pork and some sakura ebi for an added crunch. All of that sounds good, but the real winner is in the dark sauce. This secret concoction, created by Chef Alan himself, is full of sweet and savoury flavours that balance out perfectly. Stir up the noodles and generously coat them with the sauce. Add on an onsen egg for added richness, and you will get the perfect bowl of modern prawn mee.

    While feasting on their prawn noodles, why not get some sides? You definitely must get their prawn balls with salted egg mayo! They sell only 15 dishes for the day, so you need to hurry and order them fast! These are homemade prawn balls filled with real prawn meat and deep fried till they are golden brown! So light, crispy and bursting with prawn flavours, this is great as a snack or to eat with your prawn mee. Slather on the sweet and creamy salted egg mayo for more flavour, or if you prefer a spicier kick, you can opt for some wasabi mayo!

    Fried fish skin lovers, this one’s for you! Prawnaholic also takes this snack up a notch. Presenting, the fried salmon skins with pork and salted egg mayo. The salmon skins are fried till they are crunchy and tasty. You can eat them by themselves, but why not throw in some Kurobuta pork! It may seem like an odd combo to add in Kurobuta pork, but heck, it goes super well with the salmon skins. The sweet smokiness from the teriyaki Kurobuta pork, together with the crispy, salty salmon skins and of course topped with that salted egg mayo. It’s going to be so addictive that you can’t stop eating.

    There is many more to try, with new items to be added in the future! Prawnaholic certainly gives
    the classic prawn noodles a nice modern twist! Definitely worth the trip to Pasir Ris, especially
    for those prawn balls and Kurobuta pork. Order early to avoid disappointment as they sell out
    fast! While you’re at Pasir Ris Hawker Centre, get your hands on some affordable gourmet burger at Burgernomics!

    For more info, watch the video below:

    Pasir Ris Hawker Centre
    110 Pasir Ris Central #02-12
    Singapore 519641


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    Healthy, Delicious and Full of Mushrooms at Xiangcao Xiangcao

    You guys have probably been to lots of steamboat restaurants that it has become quite boring already. Same old meat, seafood and veggies buffet spread. However, we have found a place that is different, delicious and yes, healthy! At Xiangcao Yunnan Original Ecology Hotpot, they feature some of the best ingredients and concepts straight from Yunnan. They focus on one of the most underrated ingredients, the mushroom. And no, it’s not the usual enoki or shiitake mushrooms but rather many varieties of wild mushrooms from Yunnan. Expect nothing but the best here, read on to see what we mean!

    Let’s start with the soup bases. You will get 4 bases: tomato, herbal, mala and mushroom soups. The tomato soup is sweet and tangy as it is made with fresh tomatoes every day while the herbal soup is a clean-tasting soup made with lots of herbs and spices. The mala soup is made from lots of Sichuan chilis that were fried before boiling it into the stock, making it much more fragrant, less salty and easier to eat with. However the main star is the special mushroom soup that is boiling in the middle! This soup is made from over 15 types of wild mushrooms from Yunnan and boiled for over 17 hours till they get a concentrated, fragrant and rich soup. Why so special? We will tell you more later!

    As with most steamboat buffets, you will get a huge variety of free-flow meat, seafood, vegetables and more. But what makes this place different from the rest is the quality of the ingredients. You are not going to get the typical wholesale or frozen ingredients for sure. You can indulge in some free-range Wagyu beef and mutton slices from Australia and Yunnan respectively; you can really taste the quality. Their handmade prawn balls are also really good as they are made with 100% wild caught prawns, no fillers at all. After all that meat, have yourself some of their special Jianshui tofu which is made with spring water. Smooth, tender with a mochi-like texture, it’s definitely not like your ordinary block of tofu.

    And now for the main star once again, the mushrooms. This is where the special mushroom pot comes in. The wild mushrooms cooked in the pot and served separately to avoid the flavours from being mixed with the other soups. Each mushroom has a specific cooking time to follow in order to get the best flavours and textures. Don’t worry if you can’t handle that responsibility, the friendly servers are there to help you with the cooking! Enjoy all the savouriness and the health benefits these mushrooms have to offer!

    While waiting for the soup to warm up and the food to cook, have yourself some sides. There are around 10 dishes to choose from small meat dishes to veggies to munch on. For instance, try some orange-flavoured wild portobello mushrooms that are packed with vitamin C and good for your complexion. Or some aged vinegar spinach for a refreshing palate cleanser and an iron boost.

    While chowing down all the hotpot stuff, be sure to get one of their special drinks too. These drinks have their own special health benefits, so pick the one that you would like to have. For one, get the Hawthorn jelly juice. This drink is good for digestion, heart and cholesterol control. Or how bout some cancer-busting wild sea-buckthorn juice that is packed with antioxidants that will make you feel great on the inside.

    Now you guys see why this place isn’t like any other steamboat restaurant right? Do pay them a visit if you want a wholesome steamboat buffet coupled with good service. And they are open till 2am so you can have a nice steamboat supper to end off your night!

    Xiangcao Ecology Hotpot Giveaway

    2 lucky winners will each win a feast (for 2 persons) at Xiangcao Yunnan Ecology Hotpot!

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    For more info, watch the video below:

    26 Liang Seah Street
    Singapore 189047

    Contest Winners:
    Congratulations to the selected winners!

    1. Lima Raven
    2. Sho Ling

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    The Ultimate Thai Seafood Platter Experience at Thai Hao Chi

    We are back at Thai Hao Chi ‘cause they got something new and super cool on the menu. Ok,
    not really super cool but rather something super hot. Presenting, the ultimate Thai seafood
    platter experience, their new Jim Jum hotpot in Singapore! It’s hot, it’s charcoal fired, and it’s
    packed with super fresh premium seafood! Still not convinced? Read on to find out more!

    So, more about this new item. You are definitely gonna find lots and lots of seafood in this Jim
    Jum. Some of them include lobsters, Hokkaido scallop, whole flower crab, prawns and so much
    more! No frozen seafood at all; all of them freshly caught and bursting with sweetness. This is
    how all seafood should be.

    And apart from seafood, you will also get some sliced pork belly, veggies, mushrooms, noodles
    and eggs. All these ingredients will go into their special homemade MSG-free Tom Yum soup
    base. The tom yum soup is pretty good by itself, but with all the fresh seafood, your soup is
    gonna have a massive taste level up.

    Chang Beer

    Don’t forget about Thai Hao Chi’s unbelievable Chang Beer promotion! Buy your first bottle at
    $6.90 and get the second bottle for just $0.50! Crack a cold one with the boys while you have
    some bubbling Jim Jum.

    Jim Jum Seafood Platter

    One thing to note is that this Jim Jum is limited to 10 sets per day as the folks at Thai Hao Chi
    want to maintain the freshness of their seafood. So if you want a bite of this seafood bonanza,
    call them up for a reservation! This hotpot is good for 2 pax so grab a friend and reserve your
    spot now! Thai Hao Chi also serves Yum Mak Mak Mookata, no-nonsense, charcoal fire mookata!

    For more info, watch the video below:

    908 Upper Thomson Road
    Singapore 787111

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    Ultimate BBQ & Roasted Seafood

    You can probably tell by the name already but SHAO is a zi char restaurant specialising in roasted, BBQ and seafood dishes. Opened by Chef Jack Ding and his team this year, this new restaurant is the place to go if you want to have some barbecued food, roasted meats, a good drink and nice chillout spot to hang out. Chef Ding opened up SHAO to promote his love for cooking and his belief that good food is meant to be shared with your loved ones. We have sampled some of his creations, read on to find out more!

    Signature Crab

    At SHAO, they believe that simplicity brings out the best flavours of the main ingredient. You can see that in their Signature Crab. It’s definitely not like your typical chilli crab. No over-the-top ingredients or fancy cookery; just a pretty sizable crab cooked with simple ingredients like pepper, salt and Japanese Unagi sauce. You know what they say, simplicity is the best. The savoury sauce brings out the natural sweetness of the fresh crab, perfect for those who want a no-nonsense crab dish to share around. You can enjoy them just the way it is or you can dip your crab into their special homemade chilli sauce or wasabi sauce for an extra kick.

    Roast Pork
    Vegetarian Fried Hor Fun

    Apart from their crab, SHAO has so many to offer, including vegetarian dishes. Those who are looking for a place to eat in the afternoon, they have some lunch sets such as their Seafood Fried Rice set or Roast Pork set. However, if you’re browsing through their grand menu of seafood, roasted delights and more, you will be spoilt for choice! If you want a nice, comforting meal, do try out their Vegetarian Fried Hor Fun. It is filling but not too heavy, fragrant with the wok hei aroma and filled with lots of Kai Lan veggies. This is one dish that will hit the spot.

    BBQ Squid

    Get some sides together with your main dish! Now, who can resist some BBQ Squid eh? It is squid that has been barbequed to perfection, topped with Unagi sauce and sliced up for easy eating. Smokey, sweet, savoury and not overcooked, this is a great dish to eat with rice or with a nice cold glass of beer. Squeeze some lemon and dip the squid into their chilli for the added burst of flavours!

    Be sure to eat your veggies! SHAO also offers lots of tasty vegetable dishes that even the fussiest diners would want to try. If you want something that has a bit of everything, get the Stir-fried Luffa. This dish does contain not only luffa, but also succulent prawns, egg and topped with a thick silky sauce. Definitely not like your boring plate of veggies, this dish is packed full of savoury goodness that goes well with rice.

    SHAO is all about good food being shared around with the people you love. It is a great place to bond with your family or hang out with your friends or colleagues with some drinks! Even if you can’t make it to the restaurant, they also do deliveries and takeaways. So you can enjoy their signature dishes right in the comfort of your own home. For more good BBQ dishes, check out 5 of the Best Satays in Singapore!

    For more info, watch the video below:

    117 Frankel Avenue
    Singapore 458232

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    Great Mookata Buffet and Quality Desserts at Happy Mookata

    If you’re looking for a place that sells great mookata and great dessert at the same place, Happy Mookata is just for you. Located at Golden Mile Tower, nearby Nicoll Highway MRT, this is the go-to place for people who want an all-you-can-eat mookata buffet and quality desserts straight after that. And by desserts, we don’t mean the typical ice cream at a buffet. You just need to check out we got to see everything for yourself.

    Nacho Cheese

    Let’s start with the mookata! At Happy Mookata, you will get 2 soup bases, tom yum and chicken soup. You can choose from 8 types of marinated meat such as black pepper beef and Korean spicy pork. Not only that, there are also the vegetables, tofu, eggs and so forth for you to boil. But one thing to look out for is their seafood! Choose from a variety of seafood such as scallops, crayfish, flower crab and mussels for you to grill and boil up. The best part is that it’s all you can eat, meaning to can have all the flower crab to your heart’s content! And if that’s not enough, you can take as much nacho cheese for you to dip your food in!

    Finger Food

    They also have finger food such as fries, Thai fishcakes and nuggets to eat while waiting for your food to cook. These are freshly fried and super addictive to snack on, don’t eat too many of them or else you won’t have room for desserts!

    Bandung and Thai Milk Tea

    It’s definitely gonna get really hot, and you need a cold drink. Happy Mookata has got what you need. Gulp down some refreshing lime juice, lemon barley or soft drinks. Or if you’re on fire from the spice, grab some Bandung or the classic Thai Milk Tea! They are never short on drinks.

    Signature Thick Toast

    After a satisfying mookata meal, it’s time for some satisfying desserts! The mookata buffet has the basic ice cream, and chocolate fondue included which are pretty good but hey, go big or go home eh? Head on indoors and get their signature Thick Toast. It’s Shibuya toast served with mango and double chocolate ice cream, fresh rockmelon, mango cubes, sliced almonds, chocolate sauce and maple syrup. And inside the toast is mini toast cubes where it goes perfectly with the ice cream! Great for sharing, this is a sweet and decadent dessert.

    Rockmelon Bingsu

    If you want something lighter, their highly recommended Rockmelon Bingsu might be something you would like. It is the classic milk shaved ice topped with freshly scooped rockmelon and mango ice cream. Buried inside the shaved ice is strawberry ice cream too! Refreshing without being overly sweet, even after a full meal, you will definitely want to finish this!

    You may think the variety is somewhat small however it’s still a great place to have your mookata as everything is free-flow and the super nice desserts in Singapore to look forward after your meal. Surely after a meal and dessert at Happy Mookata, you will going home happy with a huge smile on your face! Call them up or drop a message for a reservation as many people want to have a bite of this food fest. Also, check out Hook On Steamboat, serving 3 types of nacho cheese – standard nacho cheese, spicy nacho cheese and black nacho cheese.

    Happy Mookata Giveaway

    3 lucky winners will each win a feast (for 2 persons) at Happy Mookata. Here’s how to win!

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    The giveaway contest will end on 23rd July (Monday) @ 6pm. The 3 lucky winners
    will be notified via Facebook.

    For more info, watch the video below:


    Golden Mile Tower
    6001 Beach Road
    Singapore 199589

    Contest Winners
    Congratulations to the selected winners!

    1. Xerene Lim
    2. Selena Lim
    3. Cliffton Choo
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    Steamboat with Health Benefits at Guo Fu Hotpot Steamboat!

    Steamboat; comfort food for most Singaporeans. Indulge in sliced meat, vegetables and cooking at your table, we bet many of you can eat it on a regular basis. Here, we bring you another great place to have your steamboat buffet in Singapore: Guo Fu Hotpot Steamboat! Located at Cross Street, this is your opportunity to pamper yourself in their wide selection of steamboat items, healthy soups, sauces and much more (vegetarian options included).

    One thing that Guo Fu Steamboat is well-known for is their many varieties of soup bases! Each soup base is made fresh with different Chinese herbs and spices that make it not only tasty but also healthy as well. With the buffet, you can get two types of soups – one herbal soup and one spicy soup. Browse through their menu; you will notice that the soup bases have different health benefits! For instance, we got the Beauty Soup. This soup is made from boiling black chicken, cordyceps, red dates, wolfberries and other Chinese herbs. Rich in antioxidants and collagen, your skin will be glowing after your meal! Needless to say, this soup is popular amongst the ladies.

    We definitely recommend getting the Mala Spicy soup base. This soup is made mainly made from Sichuan chilis and their secret blend of herbs. The soup is mouth-numbingly spicy with some herbal flavours as well. If you can’t take spice, don’t worry, you can adjust the level of spice by requesting some clear soup to dilute. Fight the Singapore heat with heat; sweat it out with this soup base!

    Xiao Long Bao

    There are over 60 steamboat items at Guo Fu Steamboat! There’s so many types of meat, vegetables, fresh seafood to choose from. The best part is that it’s all free flow in the buffet menu! Not only that, they also have free-flow Xiao Long Bao with the buffet menu! However, if a buffet is too much for you, there are also hotpot set meals too! With each type of set meal, you will get a serving of meat, vegetables, rice or noodles, dessert, fruit and the soup of your choice. Also, good news for vegetarians, they also have vegetarian food! With the vegetarian soup base and steamboat items, there is something for everyone!

    Mushroom Sauce
    Seafood Sauce

    As with the variety of soups and steamboat items, there is also a variety of sauces to dip your food in. They have a station where you can mix things up and create the perfect sauce for yourself. However, if you can’t choose, try out the mushroom sauce! It is made with 5 types of mushrooms like the Black Reishi and King Oyster. It’s savoury and suitable for vegetarians! Also, try out their special homemade seafood sauce made with dried shrimps, peanuts, sunflower seeds and more.

    Snow Pear with Rock Sugar

    Quench your thirst during steamboat with their hot and cold drinks! We know it’s going to be hot, especially if you pick the Mala soup base. Try out their homemade iced roselle tea AKA hibiscus tea for a refreshing drink during your steamboat. Or if you want something sweeter, their snow pear with rock sugar is for you! It’s fruity and also good for the throat too. They also have soft drinks, wine and beer too!

    Pumpkin Cake
    Banana Fritters

    After your steamboat, it’s time for desserts! They have 4 items: the pumpkin puree, pumpkin cake, fried banana fritters and fresh fruits. These desserts are not too sweet and not too heavy; you can still enjoy them after your buffet. The pumpkin puree is smooth and fragrant while the pumpkin cake is crispy on the outside and slightly chewy inside. The fried banana fritters are crispy and delectably soft inside too!

    Guo Fu Hotpot Steamboat that is great for single or group dining. Pay them a visit! You’ll be greeted with friendly staff, good service, and of course, awesome food. With so many options available, your steamboat experience is fully customisable to your liking! After all, it’s a luxurious steamboat with health benefits! For more healthy mookata or steamboat, check out Thai Hao Chi Mookata, a Thai restaurant is especially known for their MSG-free and high-quality mookata.

    For more info, watch the video below:

    China Square Central #01-31
    20 Cross Street
    Singapore 048422
    Operating hours:
    11.30am – 10.30pm Daily

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    5 of the Best Satays in Singapore

    Made by grilling morsels of skewered meat over charcoal flames, the Singapore satay remains a well-loved street snack that has withstood the test of time.

    Typically marinated with lemongrass, turmeric and ginger, the meat is cut up into bite-sized cubes, threaded on thin bamboo sticks, and eaten dipped in a bowl of piquant peanut sauce. A side of ketupat (rice cakes), sliced cucumbers and onions usually accompany the dish.

    Till the late 1970s, the Travelling Satay Man was a common sight in our pre-modernised island. Pedalling push-carts with mobile charcoal stoves, they would buzz around different neighbourhoods selling satays cooked on the back of their bicycles. However, regulations against illegal food hawkers have left the Travelling Satay Men behind in a nostalgic distant past. After repeated fines from the authorities, Mr Ang Boon Ee, the last standing satay man in Singapore, finally retired his rickety wooden push-cart in 2015.

    Today, satay stalls can be found selling 2 main styles of satay at hawker centres: the Malay style or the Hainanese style. Chicken, beef, mutton and lamb is usually used in the Malay style, while pork is also available for the Hainanese style. Cooking methods also differ as Hainanese satays are grilled for a longer duration over a low fire, while the Malay technique involves furious flames and a shorter cooking time. For the Hainanese style, a topping of pineapple puree is sometimes added to the peanut sauce for a dash of tangy acidity.

    Without further ado, let us introduce 5 best places in Singapore where you can nibble on this local delicacy!

    1. Lau Pa Sat Satay Street (Halal)

    Photo Credits: https://www.itslynnykansas.com/the-blog/lau-pa-sat-satay-and-tiger-beer

    Situated behind the iconic Lau Pa Sat (look for a Victorian cast-iron architecture located in the heart of the CBD), Boon Tat Street changes come 6.30pm every evening. The stretch starts buzzing with energy as staff from various satay stalls start dragging chairs and tables out onto the road, while the evening air thickens with the fragrance of BBQ-ed meat. Housing more than 10 different satay stalls, Singapore’s Satay Street offers a variety of styles ranging from grilled prawns, duck satay and beef tripe to satay dishes with a curry kick. It’s a fascinating place to visit if you want an authentic alfresco street food experience reminiscent of the famed Satay Club at Esplanade back in the 70s. Competition is stiff, so be prepared to have menus shoved in your faces by over-enthusiastic staff.

    Must-tries: Curry satay from stalls 3/4, duck satay, mutton satay and beef tripe from stall 6, prawn satay from stalls 7/8

    Address: 18 Raffles Quay, S048582

    2. Haron 30 Satay (Halal)

    Photo Credits: http://thehalalfoodblog.com/haron-30-satay/

    This legendary satay stall has been dishing out authentic satay and chicken wings at East Coast Lagoon Food Village for more than 4 decades. Founded by famed hawker master Mr Haron Abu Bakar, this family-run business was named Singapore Hawker Master in the 2011 Satay category, picked as a top choice in The Business Times Hawker Food Series, and also emerged as a favourite during a poll by Berita Harian. Mr Haron passed away in 2016, and today, his 2 daughters run the stall. Choose from generous portions of tender and moist chicken, mutton or beef sticks, served with a bowl of spicy, chunky peanut sauce. Marinades, recipes, cooking methods and snaking queues remain uncompromising over the years.

    Must-tries: Chicken and mutton satay

    Address: 1220 East Coast Parkway, S468960

    3. Chuan Kee Satay (Non-Halal)

    Photo Credits: https://www.burpple.com/f/FSvPS1w3

    Situated in Old Airport Food Centre, Chuan Kee is often recommended by food review websites. It offers pork, chicken and mutton satay cooked in traditional Hainanese style. Started in the 1970s, the stall’s succulent pork satay is the star of its business. Its rich, spicy peanut sauce is a variant of the traditional peanut sauce and comes with grated pineapple. The owners are diligent in keeping to the conventional Hainanese cooking methods, and will patiently grill the satay over low fire until the satay comes out perfectly charred and smoky. Expect long queues.

    Must-tries: Pork satay, peanut sauce

    Address: #01-85, 51 Old Airport Rd, S390051

    4. Fu Dao Homemade Satay (Non-Halal)

    Photo Credits: http://picbear.online/place/224594550

    Also located at Old Airport Food Centre, Fu Dao offers a unique rendition of the traditional satay – the black pepper flavoured satay. Lines at this stall are long – a testament to its goodness. If you aren’t a fan of black pepper, try their standard pork and chicken offerings. Slightly honeyed and tender, each stick is worth every calorie.

    Must-tries: Black pepper satay

    Address: 51 Old Airport Road #01-97 Old Airport Road Food Centre, S390051

    5. Kwong Satay (Non-Halal)

    Located in Geylang, Kwong Satay traces its roots to the Travelling Satay Men of the 1960s. Featured on Mediacorp’s food programme “Yummy King” and in The Straits Times, Kwong Satay puts a spin on the traditional satay – succulent pork belly and pork loin marinated with saffron, cumin and coriander. Peranakan-inspired, their satay sauce comes with pineapple puree, while their ketupat is wrapped in Pandan leaves.

    Must-tries: Pork loin and pork belly satay

    Address: 549 Geylang Rd, S389504