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    The Talking Cow: Muslim – Owned Mookata

    Tired of feeling left out at every mookata party? Here is your salvation! Featuring, The Talking Cow, a Muslim-owned mookata joint in Bedok known for their substantial combo set for two.This affordable set is perfect for people who have smaller appetites and are not willing to splurge on a buffet!

    Firstly, choose your soup base! You can choose between tom yum, chicken or Singang which is a tamarind based soup and with a small fee, you can get unlimited soup refills! You will also get three kinds of the condiments, Thai chilli, green chilli and red chilli, to accompany all the food.

    Check out this luxurious combo set! It has meat like black pepper beef, marinated chicken and fish. As for the seafood, you will get scallops, mussels and tiger prawns! Doesn’t that sound good? Of course, there is a helping of veggies, eggs and mushrooms too! This is like a perfect sampler platter as you are welcomed to order more of your favourites!

    And as with any mookata, you gotta have some carbs to complete your meal with. You can choose rice, tang hoon or instant noodles. We got the classic and comforting instant noodles.

    Guess what, at The Talking Cow, you too can get a mozzarella cheese dip with your mookata. It is probably the most quintessential upgrade. Dip all your ingredients in for a rich and cheese experience (and those Instagrammable epic cheese stretches!)

    And quite possibly, the most sumptuous add-on, the lobster. On a special day or a cold, dreary night, this freshly prepared lobster will perk you up!

    This place has got it all! You don’t have to jump over the moon just to get affordable and yummy mookata!

    For more info, watch the video below:

    Bedok North Ave 2 #01-55
    Singapore 460418
    Opening Hours:
    Mon – Fri: 5pm – 11pm
    Sat & Sun: 12pm – 10pm

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    DC Superheroes open new outlet @ Takashimaya

          Step into the realm of the superheroes at the new DC Superheroes Cafe at Ngee Ann City! Decked out with larger-than-life statues, replicas and decor from our favourite comic book superheroes, this is the place to go and unleash the inner geek within you. The cafe also boasts booth seating in the theme of each hero like Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. You can even request your seating at your favourite superhero booth!

    Even if you’re not a die-hard DC hero fan, you definitely need come here for the food! This cafe boasts to make everything in-house, has a live seafood tank and even has a full-sized wood fire oven! They also have the official espresso machine used for the World Barista Championships! With all these equipment, you definitely will be getting some really awesome food!

    Check out the Hot Crustacean Treasure Bag and King of Atlantis Crab Leg Aglio Olio! Both these dishes are made with the seafood caught fresh from their tanks! The seafood is cooked with garlic, ginger and fresh herbs while the pasta is made with fresh crab leg, parmesan reggiano, chilli pepper and topped with an onsen egg for some added richness. These dishes are indeed worthy for the King of Atlantis!

    If you’re not up for seafood, you must definitely try Harley Quinn’s So Delish! Iberico Pork Ribs. These are charcoal grilled Iberico pork ribs served with a side of homemade beetroot fries, fruit and vegetable salad and mashed butternut squash! The ribs are fall-off-the-bone tender, and the beetroot fries are a perfect alternative to the usual fries or sweet potato fries!

    This outlet is also serving up the usual burgers you can get at the Marina Bay Sands outlet! The ever familiar Batman’s Dark Knight Wagyu Beef Burger and the Smallville Original Free-range Chicken burger are here!

    Quench your thirst with some alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks! There are just too many to choose from! The Flying Colour Superfuel is a tangy orange and strawberry soda which is essentially a cup of rainbow. Or you can try out their alcoholic cocktails like the Kronenbourg Blanc Mango for a boozy tropical burst of flavour!

    Finally, end off your heroic meal with some desserts where all their cakes and pastries are made in-house! Just check out the Wayne Mansion in Ruins S’mores Chocolate Waffles! These are Belgian chocolate waffles served with a side of cheesecake ice cream and topped with toasted marshmallows and more. This is how decadence looks like.

    You will be only getting food, and ambience fit for the heroes so definitely give this place a shot!

    For more info, watch the video below:

    Ngee Ann City #02-13
    391A Orchard Road
    Singapore 238873
    Opening Hours:
    Mon – Sun: 10am – 10pm

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    Win a staycation at Amara Sanctuary Sentosa (worth $1800)!

    Amara Sanctuary aims to provide you with a full sensory relaxation with their modern and stylish amenities. Located in Sentosa, their villas and rooms give guests an opportunity to recuperate in a quieter environment surrounded by nature. They offer couple suites and family rooms which are fully equipped with all the essentials you need to have a stress-free stay.  And no matter which room you pick, you always be guaranteed luxury.

    Step inside their stylish two bedroom villa complete with its own private pool, perfect for friends and families who want to have an indulgent staycation! It also has an alfresco dining area and even an outdoor stone bath, allowing you to fully immerse yourself amongst the greenery. Stay a full day at this villa, and you will be fully refreshed.

    Of course, Amara Sanctuary itself has a lot to offer like restaurants, bars, karaoke, a gym and spa. You do not need to leave the comfort of your own sanctuary! However, if you feel like going out, Imbiah Station and Resorts World Sentosa are located nearby. Spend your day having fun all around Sentosa and recharge yourself back at the sanctuary. If you don’t feel like walking, don’t worry as they have buggy and shuttle bus services going out of the villas.

    You don’t need to go overseas to get this sensory experience for sheer comfort and relaxation is at your doorstep. And the best part, we are doing a giveaway! You can win a one night stay in this two bedroom villa with inclusive daily breakfast for four!

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    This Giveaway will end on 21st February (Wednesday) at 6pm. The selected winner will be notified via Facebook and provided with details on on redemption of the Staycation gift certificate.

    For more info, watch the video below:

    Terms and Conditions
    – Date of expiry: 12th April 2018
    – Only valid for weekday stay (Sunday – Thursday).
    – This gift certificate is not transferable or exchangeable for cash.
    – This gift certificate is only valid when signed by an authorised signatory from Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa.
    – This gift certificate cannot be used during special promotions and peak periods, unless otherwise stated (surcharge will apply).
    – Any extra items ordered other than that stated on the gift certificate is chargeable.
    – The gift certificate is only good for the period stated.
    – No replacement certificate will be issued.
    – Accommodation is subject to room availability.
    – Please present the original certificate before checking in or ordering.
    – Prior reservation required.
    -Single complementary gift certificate to be used per visit. 

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    Huge Seafood Platter

     Located at Bugis Cube, this restaurant will serve up a massive and epic seafood steamboat for you and your friends.

    In this giant steamboat, there is, you guessed it, a heck load of seafood! There are lobsters, oysters, crayfish, crabs, scallops; quite possibly the seafood steamboat of your dreams. Also, there are other steamboat ingredients like pork, chicken, vegetables.

    All these ingredients are simmered in the spicy mala broth which will guarantee to leave your mouth tingly. The broth is made of 10 spices, which towards the end of this bonanza, it would have absorbed all the seafood flavours. It becomes savoury and highly addictive, right until the last drop! Of course, they have a clear broth if you prefer a non-spicy alternative which is equally as good as the mala.

    Jiu Gong Ge also has Lok Lok going for 50 cents per skewer! Pick from a wide variety of skewered meat and vegetables and simmer them in your favourite soup!

    This is not a battle to solo all by yourself so make sure to bring all your friends along!

    Here comes the best part!
    3 lucky winners will each get to enjoy Jiu Gong Ge’s Seafood Platter (worth $58++).

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    The giveaway contest will end on 19th February 2018 (Monday) @ 6pm. The 3 lucky winners will be notified via Facebook.

    Bugis Cube #01-02/03/04
    470 North Bridge
    Singapore 188735
    Opening Hours:
    11am – 2am daily

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    Chinese New Year Festive Bazaar

         The Festive Bazaar is back at Chinatown, and it’s filled with all sorts of festive goodies, decorations, clothes and much more! It has everything you need to usher in the Year of the Dog with a bang, so be sure to explore every nook and cranny of the market!

    Let’s start off with everyone’s favourite: food! This bazaar is the place to go to get your supplies of treats! Browse through the stalls selling mountains of CNY snacks and choose your favourites. You can get the classic pineapple tarts, preserved fruits and even some Taiwanese mochis! There’s no shame in breaking away from your diet during the festivities.

    Of course, you can buy your quintessential CNY decorations from the market too! At the bazaar, you can find the classic decorations, some unique ones and adorable doggie plushies! There are also stalls selling potted plants which are perfect for adding some greenery and bringing in luck to your household.

    If you need to do some clothes shopping, look no further as there are many stalls are selling traditional clothes for all ages! With so many designs to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice! And you might be able to get a good bargain too!

    Chinese New Year is coming soon so start doing your shopping and preparations now! And this bazaar is the perfect place to get started!


    Pagoda Street, Smith Street, Sago Street, Temple Street and Trengganu Street
    26 January – 15 February

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    The “Good Life” Alaskan Hot Pot

    At Jin Ho Mia, they serve up some interesting hotpot menu items with some pretty amusing names! So if you know Hokkien, you will know what we mean!

    Check out the Tong Kok hotpot which means Out of This World! And indeed it is out of this world. It consists of Alaskan crab legs, roast pork belly, tiger prawns and flower clams. It also contains pork and lobster balls which are handmade with real meat. You can choose your soup base out of 5 choices which are fish broth, tom yum, cheese, chicken and tomato!

    If you want a hotpot all for yourself, Jin Ho Mia also serves Jin Ho Liao single hotpots. They come with 3 different soup bases: tom yum, fish or herbal chicken broth. Both these hotpots contains veggies, tofu, mushrooms and its respective proteins like ribeye beef and fishcakes.

    Now, if you are not in the mood for hotpots, Jin Ho Mia also serves their Jia Chu Lai rice sets. There is a wide variety of sets to choose from! We got the Taiwan Sanbeiji set and the Pork belly set. The chicken and the pork are well-seasoned till they fully absorbed the seasoning. Perfect with some steamed rice!

    To some, this is the best part: Asahi beer all day, every day! Chill out and unwind with your friends over some warm, bubbling hotpot.

    Whenever you need a really good life, you know where to go.

    Here comes the exciting part!
    3 lucky winners will each get to enjoy Jin Ho Mia’s Tong Kok Pot! The portion is enough for 2 pax so you can share it with your loved ones.

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    For more info, watch the video below:

    Alexandra Retail Centre #02-20
    460 Alexandra Road
    Singapore 119963
    Opening Hours:
    Mon – Fri: 11.30am – 3.30pm/5.30pm – 10pm
    Sat & Sun: 11.30am – 10pm
    Tel: 6352 7725

    -Updated on 20 February-
    Congratulations to the selected winners!

    1. Bell Izella Koh

    2. John Dai

    3. May Ng


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    Affordable Gourmet Burgers! – Burgerlicious

    Nestled in a coffee shop along Jalan Pemimpin, is a stall that sells affordable, juicy and gourmet burgers. At Burgerlicious, you can get a choice of beef, chicken or pork burgers and a side of price for an affordable price! Everything is freshly made upon order so may need to wait a bit for your meal. But we bet that you wouldn’t mind waiting.

    Featuring the Kung Pao Chic. It is a grilled chicken burger slathered with spicy, savoury Kung Pao sauce. It is pretty much the Kung Pao Chicken dish in burger form!

    The Bleu Cheese Mushroom beef burger. It is an Australian beef patty with mild bleu cheese sauce. The bleu cheese sauce didn’t have a sickening taste and matched the other burger ingredients very well. If you ever want to try bleu cheese, this can be a good opportunity!

    And finally, the Aloha Porky! This is the classic teriyaki pork burger served with grilled pineapple rings and sauteed onions for that Hawaiian twist. Bite into this juicy burger and be transported to a tropical paradise!

    You can pair each burger with a side of your choice which are onion tails, sweet potato fries or potato tots. All of these are also deep fried upon order, so everything is delectably crispy! They also have a free-flow salad bar too if you need some more greens.

    Now if you are not hungry for burgers, they also have small bites. You can get a substantial serving of popcorn chicken with a choice of cheese, tomato curry or salted egg sauce. This is perfect when you and your friends want to chill out with a drink.

    So, if you’re as serious about burgers like Burgerlicious, do check this place out!

    Here comes the exciting part!
    2 lucky winners will each walk away with a $20 Burgerlicious voucher

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    The giveaway contest will end on 6th February 2018 (Tuesday) @ 6pm. The 2 lucky winners will be notified via Facebook.

    For more info, watch the video below

    38 Jalan Pemimpin #01-04
    Singapore 577178
    Operating Hours:
    Wednesday to Monday: 11:30am to 3pm / 5pm to 9pm
    Closes on every Tuesday

    -Updated on 9 February-
    Congratulations to the selected winners!1. Sivakumar Subramaniam

    2. Oh Xue Qian

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    Singapore’s 1st Flame-Grilled Beef Cubes – Huoyanshaiziniu

    Something’s on fire in Plaza Sing and it’s not the weather…
    Are you a lover of those succulent beef cubes from Taiwan but can’t them anywhere in Singapore? Well now you can, right here in Plaza Singapura! Started by two young Singaporeans, Cheo Tian Feng and Sean Lee, they aimed to create their own brand and bring the Taiwanese flame grilled beef cubes to the hungry customers.

    For a modest price, you can get 130g of flame-grilled Angus Ribeye steak cubes! Seasoned with olive oil and salt, the beef cubes are seared on the grill and with a blow torch. Cooked till medium doneness, these cubes has a smoky flavour and are absolutely juicy!

    You can get the cubes with a sprinkling of seafood or garlic powder as they accentuate the flavours of the beef in their own way Top-up to get a helping of Japanese rice with yakitori sauce to make it a hearty and power-packed meal!

    Be it that you’re a ravenous meat lover or you just miss those beef cubes from your last Taiwan trip, this is place for you.

    For more info,
    watch the video below:

    Plaza Singapura
    68 Orchard Road, #B2-49
    Singapore 238839
    Opening Hours:
    To be confirmed

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    Singapore 1st Alcoholic Bubble Tea!

    Craving for local delights but can’t afford to pack on the calories? At The Local Box, they aim to provide you with healthy and tasty local dishes right at your doorstep. Located near Tanjong Pagar MRT, they cater to the needs of busy office workers who have no time to eat out and in need of a more balanced meal. They even do direct deliveries to your office, so you don’t have to take one step outside.

    Whether you are dining in or getting a takeaway, The Local Box ensures that all their food is prepared with healthy ingredients and cooking methods. They will give you a large side of veggies with your meal, and you are welcomed to ask for more with no extra charge! In their Satay Chicken Nasi Lemak and Chicken Rendang, the chicken is grilled, not deep fried. The rice is fragrant, and the sauces they come with are flavourful. Satisfaction without the guilt!

    They also have dry Laksa, perfect for takeaways. Don’t judge a book by its cover, this Laksa is spicy and has the strong flavours of regular Laksa soup! So, you don’t have to worry about soup splattering and ruining your work clothes.

    The Local Box also has bubble tea drinks which can be a good pick me up in the late afternoon. However, they bring it up to the next level with alcoholic bubble teas! That’s right; they will mix alcohol into their bubble teas. They have flavours like Nutella Baileys and Taro Tequila where the alcohol complements the milk tea very well. So, if you’re feeling stressed out, these milk teas can help you unwind!

    Here comes the exciting part!
    3 winners will get to bring along a date to try any of their Main Course and Alcoholic Bubble Tea from The Local Box

    To participate in this giveaway contest, follow the steps below:
    1) Like Marchh.com​ & The Local Box Facebook Page
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    3) Tag a person you want to bring along

    The giveaway contest will end on 31st January 2018 (Wednesday) @ 6pm. The 3 lucky winners will be notified via Facebook.

    For more info,
    watch the video below:

    8 Enggor Street. #01-05
    Singapore 079718
    Opening Hours:
    0730 – 1800 (Mon – Thurs)
    0730 – 1930 (Friday
    Tel: 8303 0362

    -Updated on 7 February-
    Congratulations to the selected winners!

    1. Elaine Jael Ng

    2. Kevin Samputra

    3. Avelyn Yap

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    Yaowarat Seafood: A taste of Thai-Chinese Seafood

    We bet you’ll be like that once you step into Yaowarat Seafood located right here at…..you guessed it! At Teck Chye Terrace! Ok, you might be thinking that Yaowarat only exists in Chinatown, Thailand but now you can get Thai-Chinese cuisine right here at Serangoon! And what makes it even better is that it’s a seafood paradise!

    At Yaowarat, there is a wide selection of seafood, meat and rice and noodle dishes, where the taste has been adjusted to suit the Singaporean palate. They also serve live seafood, especially the crab and lobster! Just check out the Steamed Crab Combo and Thai Style Lobster with Glass Vermicelli. The flesh comes off easily from the shell, meaning that they are super fresh.

    If you’re not in the mood for shellfish, you can get the fish and soup dishes! Their Deep Fried Sea Bass with sweet and spicy sauce is one that will pack a punch and is great to share with. Do also try out the Fish Maw Crab Meat Thick Soup where the soup arrives at your table bubbling! This savoury soup contains crab meat, eggs and lots of fish maw that will soak up the broth!

    Of course, end your meal with some dessert! We got the Black Glutinous Rice with Ice Cream! It’s like an upgraded version of the classic glutinous rice with coconut milk as you will get a scoop of ice cream and a sprinkling of nut for some extra crunch!

    So if you need your seafood fix, you can add Yaowarat Seafood into your list!

    Here comes the exciting part!
    6 lucky winners will each walk away with a $50 Yaowarat Seafood voucher.

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    The giveaway contest will end on 26th January 2018 (Friday) @ 6pm. The 6 lucky winners will be notified via Facebook.

    For more info, what the video below:

    27 Teck Chye Terrace
    Singapore 545729
    Opening Hours:
    Mon to Fri: 5pm – 1am
    Sat & Sun: 12pm – 1am

    Selected winners!
    (updated on 29 January)

    1. Joreen Leow
    2. Shayndel Tan
    3. Xabery Hwe Jun
    4. Misaki Kyosami
    5. Oscar Lee
    6. Lee-Tan Zachery