comprises of 7 individuals who are enthusiastic about content writing and video production. We want to deliver most compelling content to our followers in Singapore and around the world. focuses on what Singaporeans love! We call this the “EFG” of life: Entertainment, Food and Giveaways.

Our goal is to create a blog that answers some of the common questions in Singapore: “What to do today?”, “Where to go later?”, “What to eat for dinner”, etc.

Singapore may be small but it definitely does not lack awesome food and events. We are going to prove that in this blog! So, follow us on Facebook at Marchh today!

PS: The first guy on the left may look like Steve Jobs, but Steve Jobs is not on our team. In case you call in to look for “Steve”, there is no such person. Look for Theresa instead; she is our project manager.

On a second thought, Theresa is pretty manly. She will be able to pull off as Steve. Maybe we should start calling her Steve. Hmmmm……