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With all the newly built flats, BTOs and old houses, people are constantly looking for interior designers, aluminium windows contractors, etc. It’s all about beautifying the house to one’s style.

With many years of experience, Home Aluminium Metal Works is one of the most trustable services in installing quality home furnishings. They offer a broad range of top quality products with excellent installation services. Products range from aluminium windows, aluminium grilles, wrought iron window and door grilles, glass doors and many more.

Here are some of Home Aluminium Metal Works finished projects.

Having a large and spacious kitchen is every chef’s (homemade or not) dream. You can consider making use of bi-fold doors or panel windows to achieve it.

Bi-fold door & 2-panel partition windows

Collectable bi-fold door & window

These collectable bi-fold installations are heavy duty and are paired with clear tempered glass. This is so to protect and prevent the children at home from getting cuts if the windows were ever to shatter.

With this sort of installations, your flat will also look more spacious and brightly lighted.


Many do not have a thought for having a study/workroom as they are afraid of feeling claustrophobic working in a small area. Get rid of that fear with an installation like this.

Sliding door with fixed panel

One simple way to ‘up-class’ your study room while allowing it to have ample of natural light. Make use of sliding doors and fixed panels with laminated glass as such to create an illusion of a big and spacious work and study place.
If you are looking to create a wet and dry area for your bathroom, you can consider partitioning your toilet as per how Home Aluminium Metal Works did it.

Laminated shower screen sliding door

Fixed Panel with laminated glass


Don’t fancy or old apartment’s window or grilles? Fret not, Home Aluminium Metal Works is here to save your day.

Service yard windows and grilles

HDB approved tinted windows & sliding grilles


Home Aluminium Metal Works has one of the most trustable and reliable services in the market. Why do I say that?

Other than the fact that they provide a one-year warranty on all their installations. I’ve witnessed their excellent service for myself.

While we were at the house for a shoot, the owner of the flat told Andy (Home Aluminium Metal Works personnel) that his furniture was too large to fit through the door. Without hesitation, Andy immediately said: “No worries, I will get my people to take the whole door fixture down and install it when you are done moving your furniture. It will be quite hard for you to remove the door by yourself.”

I was shocked. I have never seen a contractor with such commitment and service to their customers. Take a look at the feedbacks found on their Facebook account. If Home Aluminium Metal Works says that they are the second best contractor in Singapore with the most trustable service, no one can say first!

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/homealuminiummetalworks/
Tel: 9003 6263
Email: [email protected]

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