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    DC Superheroes open new outlet @ Takashimaya

          Step into the realm of the superheroes at the new DC Superheroes Cafe at Ngee Ann City! Decked out with larger-than-life statues, replicas and decor from our favourite comic book superheroes, this is the place to go and unleash the inner geek within you. The cafe also boasts booth seating in the theme of […]

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    Singapore 1st Alcoholic Bubble Tea!

    Craving for local delights but can’t afford to pack on the calories? At The Local Box, they aim to provide you with healthy and tasty local dishes right at your doorstep. Located near Tanjong Pagar MRT, they cater to the needs of busy office workers who have no time to eat out and in need […]

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    Sugar Lips – Rainbow Pasta

       At Sugar Lips, you can be closer to the answer. They are known for serving anything and everything that is colourful and sweet. Step inside their psychedelic and industrial-themed café and get comfortable. Their tables are spacious and separated by a partition wall for some privacy. You might think that only their desserts are […]

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    In Pictures: ZoukOut 2017!

    ZoukOut’s main stage this year features a towering lion head with its paws raised. Mai Sisters on the Star Stage at ZoukOut 2017 at Siloso Beach in Sentosa. Nash D on the Moon Stage at ZoukOut 2017 at Siloso Beach in Sentosa. Partying the night away at ZoukOut 2017. Singapore’s first bungy jumping tower for all the […]

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    Premium Royal Bird’s Nest Soup

    Bird’s Nest comes with a long list of health benefits when consumed. It is well-known to be a beauty food, reputed to maintain youthfulness and enhance the skin complexion. To taste this delicacy in the past, we have to buy and brew it ourselves which involves quite a bit of work and hassle. Luckily in […]

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    Famous Cheese Toast Coming to Singapore!

    Behold Cheese Lovers! Say Chiizu, a popular Hokkaido Cheese Toast from Bangkok will be opening their first store in Singapore come 2018! The bread filled with Mozzarella and Cream Cheese is toasted to perfection and will leave you craving for more after your first bite. Available in 5 flavours – Original Cheese, Chocolate Cheese, Charcoal […]

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    Rainbow prata in Singapore

    These days, you find all sorts of prata. There’s the salted egg prata, chicken floss prata, maggi mee prata, etc. With so many types of prata already in the market, it must take a genius to come up with yet another version of a prata. The latest “in-trend” prata, however, isn’t a new prata flavour […]

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    Exploding Salted Egg Lava Cookie

    Creamery is back and better! We wrote about this Bangkok franchise dessert boutique cafe’s lava cookie when they first opened some time back, and we can’t get enough of it. The flow-y effect of this lava cookie has also been gaining much attention among Singaporeans. This time, Creamery Boutique Ice Cream came back strong with […]