The Secret To Pearly Whites: 5 Teeth Whitening Clinics In SG

Love your tea and coffee? While many cannot do without their daily dose of caffeine, the impacts of such drinks on your teeth is undeniable. Frequent intake of tea and coffee is one major contributor to yellow teeth, along with smoking, poor dental hygiene, ageing, certain illnesses, and medication.

A little bit of yellowing is normal in most people’s teeth, and do not necessarily indicate poor oral health. However, it can be disconcerting to notice your teeth turning yellower as the years go on. If yellow teeth is affecting your self-confidence, it may be time to consider undergoing some teeth whitening treatments.

In Singapore, teeth whitening procedures are widely available at dental clinics. If you’re new to the treatment, check out these five dental clinics offering services for teeth whitening in Singapore.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Neo Smiles

Source: Neo Smiles

Neo Smiles helps you put back the smile on your face with their dental services. With the purpose of bringing specialist orthodontics services to the heartlands, Neo Smiles offers comprehensive services from general dental care to braces. Their team comprises expert dentists who are committed to providing the best care to their patients.

Teeth whitening at Neo Smiles comes in two types of procedures you can choose from. These are the home kit and the Philips Zoom professional in-chair whitening. The former is a multi-session treatment that can also be performed at home, which provides a more lasting result. On the other hand, the Philips Zoom is conducted in-office by professionals, and promises instantly visible results. Depending on the condition of your teeth and your desired results, the dentists at Neo Smiles are happy to recommend you the most appropriate treatment for your teeth.

Contact: +65 6481 0800 | +65 6386 0700
214 Bedok North Street 1, #01-153, Singapore 460214
210 Hougang Street 21, #01-273, Singapore 530210
Operating Hours: Differs for each location

2. i.Dental

Source: i.Dental

Established in 1989, i.Dental is a comprehensive dental care provider offering both general dentistry and aesthetic dentistry services to the masses. With a passion for helping people regain their confidence with dental care solutions, they have gained the trust and support of countless patients. Today, i.Dental operates in various locations across Singapore, serving more patients with their quality dental services.

For people with yellow teeth, i.Dental offers the choice of the in-office treatment or take-home kit. The in-office treatments include the Zoom whitening system and the Natura+ whitening system. While the in-office treatment bears instant results, it is also more costly and more harsh on the teeth. In contrast, the take-home kit is convenient for home application and gentler on the teeth, despite it having a more gradual whitening effect. Whichever procedure you undergo, the dentists at i.Dental will be sure to provide you with the best advice and safe dental care.

Contact: +65 3165 4503 | +65 6841 4080  | +65 6756 1868
Capital Tower, 168 Robinson Road, #13-04, Singapore 068912
302 Ubi Avenue 1, #01-47, Singapore 400302
Northpoint City, 1 Northpoint Drive, #B1-176, Singapore 768019
Operating Hours: Differ for each location

3. Greenlife Dental Clinic

Source: Greenlife Dental Clinic

With more than two decades of experience, Greenlife Dental Clinic remains a humble, trusted provider of dental care in Singapore. From its inception in 1996, it has grown from strength to strength to six outlets islandwide today. It continues to serve patients with their ethical, honest approaches, compassion towards people, and professional healthcare workers. Offering a variety of services such as general dental care, teeth implants, braces and gum treatment, they are stocked with top-end technology to support their treatments and procedures.

Teeth whitening at Greenlife Dental Clinic is a professionally-performed procedure that helps individuals regain confidence in their smile. Promised to be safe, effective, and comfortable to undergo, the process is performed by their in-house dentists using the latest technologies in teeth whitening. Some of the teeth whitening systems available at the clinic are the Zoom2!, BriteSmile, and Opalescence systems.

Contact: Differ for each location
Address: 7 locations islandwide
Operating Hours: Differ for each location

4. Casa Dental

Source: Casa Dental

Casa Dental is a homely team of dental professionals who are committed to providing the best dental care to patients, be it in terms of oral health or aesthetics. Whether you are experiencing a toothache, crooked teeth, cracked teeth, or any other teeth and gum-related issues, Casa Dental can help you. Serving residents from four heartland clinics across Singapore, Casa Dental is your friendly go-to dental clinic for all your dental needs.

The dental clinic’s range of cosmetic dentistry services includes orthodontics, porcelain veneers, and teeth whitening, to help patients achieve their best possible smile. Like with the other clinics, they offer both the in-office procedures using the Zoom system, and the take-home Opalescence whitening kit. Regardless of the treatment you go with, the treatments are well established to be safe and effective, helping patients turn their yellow teeth several shades whiter for a brighter smile.

Contact: +65 6458 0667 | +65 6873 0451 | +65 6334 6984 | +65 6513 7890
710 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, Singapore 560710
45 Holland Drive, #01-353, Singapore 270045
420A Clementi Avenue 1, #01-02, Singapore 121420
693 Woodlands Ave 6, #01-05, Singapore 730693
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-8.30PM |  Sat-Sun 10AM-5.30PM | Closed on PH

5. NoFrills Dental

Source: NoFrills Dental

NoFrills Dental is a comprehensive provider of dental care services, performed by a dedicated team of experienced dentists and competent support staff. They aim to provide accessible, affordable dental care for people from all walks of life, in their clean and comfortable clinics. With their professional excellence, sophisticated technologies, and a high standard of service, NoFrills Dental has become an established and reliable dental clinic that welcomes all.

For those inflicted by stained and discoloured teeth, NoFrills Dental has the solution. Their treatment for teeth whitening can help to reduce the visibility of discolouration and restore the appearance of bright, sparkling white teeth. The take-home kit will require a custom-made set of trays for your teeth for easy and even application of the whitening gel. The in-office procedure will be conducted by an experienced dentist by applying a protective layer on your gums first, before applying the whitening gel to your teeth.

Contact: +65 6337 7319 | +65 6227 8885
Suntec City North Wing (Sky Garden), 3 Temasek Boulevard, #03-317, Singapore 038983
Marina Square (Exit B, Esplanade MRT), 6 Raffles Boulevard, #B1-11, Singapore 039594
Operating Hours: Differs for each location

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