5 Belly Good BBQ Catering Companies In Singapore To Eat Up!

As the season for merry-making comes around, it also means BBQ season is upon us! Barbeque sessions are the best excuse for a family get-together or for a gathering of old primary school classmates you haven’t seen in years. Instead of just going to any restaurant for a meal, a barbeque party allows everyone to take part in grilling their choice of meats, and then chill out under the stars.

While critiques of barbeques may find the idea too much of a hassle – think food preparation, setting up the grill, and cleaning up afterwards – barbeques today don’t have to take up a whole lot of effort. The wide selection of companies you can call up for BBQ catering make food preparation a breeze. Some companies even have onsite chefs you can hire to do the cooking for you, so you don’t have to lift a finger to enjoy lovely roasted meats.

If a BBQ session sounds right up your alley, don’t hesitate to check out these companies for BBQ catering in Singapore.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Sunday Roast

Source: Sunday Roast

In Singapore, BBQ catering companies are a dime a dozen. But Sunday Roast sets themselves apart with their premium selection of meats, with the option of BBQ chef services at your party site. Their meats are supplied exclusively from New Zealand, which includes hearty lamb racks and grain-fed Angus beef ribeye. This means that you can enjoy premium steakhouse fare right in your own backyard. If you prefer to kick back and relax, their chefs will do the job for you, cooking every piece of meat to perfection. You only need to enjoy eating it!

Other BBQ favourites at Sunday Roast includes bratwurst, chicken wings and drumlets, otah, and satay. For an exclusive addition, you can opt for unagi – delectable grilled Japanese eel. This BBQ catering company also offers a small but exciting selection of drinks – think refreshing cocktails that are just right for summer. Don’t forget to throw in the BBQ essentials like charcoal, disposable cutlery, tongs, and more. With their comprehensive list of food and items, Sunday Roast ensures you will have everything you need for the ultimate BBQ party.

Contact: +65 8767 9500
Operating Hours: 11AM-7PM Daily

2. Team Catering

Source: Team Catering

Team Catering is a do-it-all catering company that covers events of various scales and purposes, from house parties to corporate events. Established in 1991, the company with nearing three decades of experience has served countless satisfied customers with their supply of tasty meals. Known for impeccable service and value-for-money catering services, Team Catering will ensure a smooth experience for every customer that deals with them.

Muslim friends need not worry, as the company is Halal-certified. Their central kitchen is also certified for a strict standard of cleanliness and hygiene, so you and your guests can eat with peace of mind. For their barbeque catering services, Team Catering provides a comprehensive package consisting of marinated raw meats as well as some cooked staples. Everything you need to start your BBQ party is included, including charcoal and cutlery sets. Team Catering will be more than happy to discuss and plan the menu according to your budget and taste preferences.

Contact: +65 6283 8932
Address: Shimei East Kitchen, 3015 Bedok North Street 5, #01-01, Singapore 486350

3. Eatz Catering

Source: Eatz Catering

Founded in 2004, one-stop provider Eatz Catering delivers Halal-certified food for events ranging from baby showers to cocktail receptions. Their vast array of food cuisines is well suited to match the varied tastes of multicultural Singapore. In addition to sumptuous dishes, the caterer is known for their pleasing setups, affordable rates, and flawless customer service, which keep customers coming back for future events.

For customers who wish to have a BBQ buffet for their gathering, Eatz Catering has a special package made just for BBQ. Their menu includes local BBQ must-haves like chicken wings, satay and otah. Get a taste of their cooked food as well with their signature dishes like curry chicken, garlic fried rice, and vegetarian bee hoon. Depending on your needs, you can also add-on equipment rental and cutlery, or hire a BBQ chef to handle the cooking for you and your guests.

Contact: +65 6789 0328 | +65 9188 3336
Address: Gourmet East Kitchen, 3017 Bedok North Street 5, #01-02, Singapore 424994
Operating Hours: 7.30AM-7.30PM Daily

4. Spring Ocean

Source: Spring Ocean

Specialising in BBQ food catering, Spring Ocean is a go-to company in Singapore for convenient and affordable BBQ food orders. Their standard packages make ordering food for a BBQ party as easy as pie – just make an online order, and you’re done! However, if you wish to customise your menu, you can also do so by selecting from their well-stocked à la carte menu, which is completely Halal-approved.

Their menu is impressively comprehensive – their meat items include chicken, beef, mutton and lamb, in all permutations of marinades and cuts. They also have finger foods like satay and otah of various versions, and a wide selection of seafood items. An abundant choice of cooked dishes allows you to occupy the hungry guests while waiting for the food to be cooked. And this is without mentioning the staples and desserts yet! Complete with delivery services and onsite BBQ chef services, Spring Ocean is truly an expert in making the BBQ experience an easy one.

Contact: +65 6748 6041
Address: Gourmet East Kitchen, 3017 Bedok North Street 5, #06-21/22, Singapore 486121
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 6AM-5.30PM | Sun 6AM-3PM

5. The Caveman BBQ

Source: The Caveman BBQ

Set up by three passionate foodies, The Caveman BBQ is a local BBQ caterer that is committed to revolutionising the BBQ experience. All the meats are marinated in-house with their special concoctions, providing customers with new taste experiences at every BBQ party. Their range of signature items includes char siew, honey pork ribs and honey chicken steak, which result in a delicious, exquisite-tasting spread.

At The Caveman BBQ, they want to make the BBQ preparation process streamlined for you. Hence, all you need to do is design your menu, and choose your date and time. Their standard packages also make the process easier, with menu recommendations for parties of various sizes. For those who prefer not to get their hands dirty, you are welcome to invite their ‘Onsite Cavemen’ to grill the food for you. Get ready for an evening of feasting and fun when you order from The Cavemen BBQ!

Contact: +65 8826 8639
Address: 35 Kallang Pudding Road, Singapore 349314
Operating Hours: Open 24hrs

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