Unleash Your Inner Musician: 5 Drum Lessons In Singapore

Dreaming of being the next Travis Barker? Wish you could play along to your favourite song? The drum is a fun and highly enjoyable percussion instrument you can pick up to create music and learn about rhythm. Besides exploring your musical creativity and honing your skills, drumming brings plenty of benefits to the table – relieve stress, boost brain power, develop confidence and get fit.

Tap into your potential and discover the musician you have always wanted to be. With the guidance of a professional coach, you can learn the proper techniques and develop your craft to the highest level. Check out our list of 5 music schools that provide drum lessons in Singapore you can sign up for!

Note: This list is strictly not in order. 

1. The Music Works

Source: The Music Works

It is never too late to get started with drum lessons! With The Music Works, age is never a matter of issue as they dedicate themselves to teaching students of various backgrounds, skill levels and ages. They aim to prepare students with a deep passion for drumming and build a holistic musical experience – in a fun and educative way possible, so they can flourish in their pursuit of music.

With their team of professionally trained teachers and an array of in-depth music courses, The Music Works strives to nurture each student as exceptional individuals and outstanding musicians. Aside from drum lessons, they also conduct courses for a wide range of instruments, including pianos and vocal training, to help each student find their footing in music and their preferred instrument. You will be guided in every step of your musical journey!

Contact: +65 6969 1280
Address: LHK2 Building, 76 Playfair Road, #05-04, Singapore 367996 | Viva Business Park, 750 Chai Chee Road, #01-13A, Singapore 469000
Operating Hours: 
Differ for each location

2. Studio72

Source: Studio72

Step into the stylish environment at Studio72 – you’ll certainly be soaking in the exquisite rock atmosphere that will leave you inspired while rocking out to your instruments. Founded in 2012, Studio72 welcomes everyone with the love for music and the passion to make some. Experience the magic of mastering your favourite songs with their engaging and comprehensive music courses, guided by their highly skilled and experienced music teachers.

Aspiring drummers can expect to learn music theory, proper techniques and practise playing songs. During their structured drumming sessions, you’ll be guided to transform those enthusiastic finger taps and explore music learning in-depth to enhance your musical journey. No matter your musical ability, you can benefit from a great learning curve with their tailored lessons. Soon, you’ll be rekindling your passion in music and feeling the rush of performing live on stage. 

Contact:+65 9322 7272
Address: 45A Circular Road, Singapore 049400
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 12.30PM-9PM | Sat 10AM-7PM | Closed on Sun 

3. Juzmusic Academy

Source: Juzmusic Academy

It is said that music appreciation starts young, and Juzmusic Academy can attest to that with their early childhood education music lessons that’s available for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. Operating since 2006, this music school believes that music must and can be made exciting, enjoyable and enriching to encourage students in their abilities. They provide a comprehensive range of music lessons from drums and piano to cello and ukulele to students of various ages and abilities.

For those wishing to take the academic route, you can plan your child’s musical journey with Juzmusic Academy. Lessons begin at 1-3 years old before moving on to exam certifications and degree programs. However, if you’re just looking to pick up a new hobby and explore your creative side, lessons are available for both young children and adults. Interested at what they have to offer? Sign up for their free trial class and give drumming a shot!

Contact: +65 6344 4420
Address: Parkway Centre, 1 Marine Parade Central, Singapore 449408
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 12PM-9PM | Sat 9AM-6PM | 9AM-5PM 

4. Ossia Music School

Source: Ossia Music School

A known name in music education, Ossia Music School offers structured and customisable music lessons that are designed to cater to individual learning needs. With a large faculty of passionate and experienced teachers, you will be guided through their comprehensive course structure in drums, piano, violin, guitar and more. There are also performance opportunities for students at recital spaces where they can develop their confidence and perform live. With 8 branch locations islandwide, find the nearest one to you and embark on your musical journey conveniently!

It’s time to take your drumming to the next level! You can sign up for their free trial lesson – this can help you to make the right choice before committing to a schedule. In addition, finding a good and harmonious match between the student and teacher is essential as it is instrumental for any great, successful learning.

Contact: Differ for each location
Address: 8 locations islandwide
Operating Hours: Differ for each location 

5. Thunder Rock School

Source: Thunder Rock School

Discover and unleash the musician in you! Thunder Rock School provides tailored music lessons to suit your abilities and needs. Here, they believe in placing a strong emphasis on music creativity infused with proper music techniques. You can expect to learn and create music in a fun way! Students are guided by professionals with experience in the music industry, to be equipped with skills that supports their journey on a possible musical career or forge out a hobby that is beyond the confines of the home.

There is no time like the present to pick up the drum sticks! Get to know on the fundamentals of being a professional drummer learn from drum rudiments to the essentials of drum playing just like your favourite idol, regardless of the genre. At Thunder Rock School, you’ll be presented with opportunities to record your works and perform live across Singapore to encourage your musical passion beyond the classroom.

Contact: +65 6456 8722
Address: 227A Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574359
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 12PM-9PM | Sat-Sun 11AM-7PM | Closed on PH

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