Wait No Longer: 11 Moneylenders For Instant Cash Loan In SG

Nobody likes waiting, especially not when they are already in a fix. This is definitely true when waiting for a cash loan to be approved – it can be such a harrowing experience to wait, and even then, the loan might not be approved at all.

Traditional moneylending avenues like banks typically have long waiting times for loan approval, and they are strict when it comes to deciding who to lend to. Thus, for urgent personal loans, dedicated moneylenders are often the wiser choice. In Singapore, instant cash loans are widely available at licensed moneylenders across the island. Not only are these loans quick for approval and cash-out, but they also have fewer prerequisites for those who want to take up a loan.

You never know when you might need the help of an instant cash loan, so we’re here to help with our list of 11 moneylenders that provide instant cash loans in Singapore!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Orange Credit Pte Ltd

Source: Orange Credit Pte Ltd

In the Geylang/Paya Lebar neighbourhood is Orange Credit Pte Ltd, a reputable moneylender that is well-patronised by borrowers. Situated conveniently near the MRT, the moneylending company is a go-to for those who are looking for quick, easy, and reliable instant cash loans. Their attractive interest rates and simple application process makes taking out a quick loan extremely accessible. With such a seamless lending process, you can be relieved of your financial emergency sooner than you imagine.

From foreigner loans to business loans, Orange Credit Pte Ltd has a decent selection of products to cater to borrowers in need. Even if it’s your first time borrowing from a moneylender, rest assured the professional and friendly staff at Orange Credit Pte Ltd will guide you through everything you need to know to obtain the loan. Don’t forget to prepare all the necessary documentation – your identification papers and proof of income are key to getting your loan approved.

Contact: +65 6748 2320
Address: City Plaza, 810 Geylang Road, #01-91, Singapore 409286
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-8PM | Sat 11AM-3PM | Closed on Sun

2. SGP Credit Pte Ltd

Source: SGP Credit Pte Ltd

Locals and foreigners alike can benefit from the loans at SGP Credit Pte Ltd. Dedicating themselves to helping those in a financial rut, this moneylending company provides a range of low-interest, short-term loans for a variety of needs. You can count on them for various types of business loans as well as personal loans, which all come with flexible repayment options.

As a client of SGP Credit Pte Ltd, you will enjoy transparent charges and personalised service. Depending on your needs and ability, the loan you take up can be tailored just for you. Get the help of their professional loan advisors to ease your financial worries, and let their loans give you the much-needed boost to fund your needs. With their honest and genuine service, SGP Credit Pte Ltd will walk you out the door of your financial troubles.

Contact: +65 6466 1157
Address: 133, Jurong Gateway Road, #01-2999, Singapore 600133
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 11.30AM-7.30PM | Sat 11.30AM-7PM | Closed on Sun & PH

3. Lending Bee

Source: Lending Bee

For a moneylending company that revolutionises the way moneylending is done, this is it. Lending Bee is part of a programme headed by the Ministry of Law to pilot new business models for moneylenders in Singapore. Led by a team of experienced staff with a wealth of know-how about the financial industry, Lending Bee can offer the highest quality assurance to their clients with efficient and credible loans.

With four outlets islandwide, Lending Bee is one of the largest and most accessible moneylenders in Singapore. As most of their processes are digitalised, the application process for borrowers is highly streamlined, and clients can track their loan status anywhere by using the internet. Under this operational model, Lending Bee promises highly secure loans with approval times of under an hour. This hassle-free and rapid borrowing system is definitely something urgent borrowers will appreciate.

Contact: +65 6219 1661
Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Road, #02-44/45, Singapore 228213
213, Bedok North Street 1, #01-111, Singapore 460213
190, Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, #01-548, Singapore 310190
Vision Exchange, 2 Venture Drive, #24-26, Singapore 608526
Operating Hours: Differ for each location

4. EZ Loan Pte Ltd

Source: EZ Loan Pte Ltd

A moneylender that is committed to making the moneylending process easy for borrowers, EZ Loan Pte Ltd was set up in 2010 to fulfil the needs of people with financial difficulties. Operating with the mindset of providing top-grade customer service and reliable personal cash loans, EZ Loan Pte Ltd is an honest and reputable moneylender you can rely on for your pertinent cash needs.

The moneylending company offers personal loans and payday loans, which are unsecured up to an amount of SGD$5000. For longer-term needs and goals, larger loans are available with collateral. By establishing a solid rapport with their clients, EZ Loan Pte Ltd ensures that borrowers can enjoy flexible loans which are suited to their needs. With affordable rates and top-notch service, EZ Loan Pte Ltd is able to provide borrowers with the help they need, whenever they need.

Contact: +65 6222 2529
Address: 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #02-09, Singapore 082001
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-7PM

5. Soon Seng Credit Pte Ltd

Source: Soon Seng Credit Pte Ltd

In the heartlands of Ang Mo Kio, you will find Soon Seng Credit Pte Ltd, a moneylending company with a heart for providing their clients with the best loan plans to address pressing needs. Anchored in their promise of honesty, the moneylender has earned the trust of their clients through transparent pricings, tailor-made loans, and genuine care for their clients.

Their loan experts are well-versed in the loan application process and will walk you through to make it a seamless one for you. No one will be left out at Soon Seng Credit Pte Ltd, as there are loans that cater to citizens, permanent residents, as well as foreigners. From business loans to cash advance loans, borrowers can choose the loan that best fits their needs. For any of your quick cash needs, Soon Seng Credit Pte Ltd will be there to offer a helping hand.

Contact: +65 6292 5693
Address: 711 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, #01-3501A, Singapore 560711
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 11.30AM-8.30PM | Sun 10AM-5PM

6. Horison Credit Pte Ltd

Source: Horison Credit Pte Ltd

With Horison Credit Pte Ltd, borrowers won’t have to worry about poor credit scores and lengthy approval times. The moneylending company is all about providing timely and reliable cash-lending services to their clients, right when they need it the most. As a well-regarded moneylending company, Horison Credit Pte Ltd remains true to helping its customers with an unparalleled sensitivity to customer needs.

The experts at Horison Credit Pte Ltd know how hard it is to get a good loan, so they strive to give the best through speedy, accessible, and affordable loan plans. With absolutely no hidden charges, clients can trust that they are getting an excellent deal as well as customer service beyond their expectations. Choose from their vast array of loans, which include highly specific plans like car loans, vacation loans, weight loss loans, and more. Whatever your needs are, Horison Credit Pte Ltd will do their best to find a solution for you.

Contact: +65 6844 2902
Address: People’s Park Complex, 1 Park Road, #01-15, Singapore 059108
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 11AM-8PM | Sun 10AM-7PM

7. Power Credit Enterprise Pte Ltd

Source: Power Enterprise Pte Ltd

With over a decade of experience in the field, Power Credit Enterprise Pte Ltd is constantly striving to provide the most competitive loan products for borrowers to alleviate their cash-strapped pockets. Borrowers can make their choice of loans according to their needs, and submit the online application form for an immediate response. The approval time can be as short as 5-15 minutes, making it one of the quickest instant cash loans in the market.

No one is immune to unexpected financial emergencies, so Power Credit Enterprise Pte Ltd makes sure everyone is covered with their loans for foreigners and businesses as well. Through thorough communication with their clients, the moneylending company can work out the best loan product for their clients’ needs. Look forward to low interest rates, flexible payment plans, and secure cash loans when you deal with Power Credit Enterprise Pte Ltd.

Contact: +65 6443 2940
Address: Orchid Hotel, 1 Tras Link, #01-11, Singapore 078867
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 11AM-7PM | Closed on Sun

8. U Credit Pte Ltd

Source: U Credit Pte Ltd

Attractive interest rates, trusted service, and flexible repayment schemes are just some of the things U Credit Pte Ltd is known for. Located in the bustling area of Bencoolen street, the moneylender is one of the top moneylenders in Singapore. Well-reputed for prioritising their customers needs first, U Credit Pte Ltd ensures that their clients will walk away empowered with a loan plan that is well-suited to their needs.

Their range of loan plans addresses a variety of needs, from business needs to lifestyle needs like weddings, holidays, luxury goods, and so on. With U Credit Pte Ltd, you can have the confidence to avert the financial crises in life, or fund your keen desires. Experience a smooth transaction with U Credit Pte Ltd with their simple application forms and rapid approval times. Doing away with the lengthy waiting times, U Credit Pte Ltd can dispense the cash to you on the spot once your loan is approved.

Contact: +65 6337 1768
Address: The Bencoolen, 180 Bencoolen Street, #01-19, Singapore 189646
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 11AM-8PM | Sun 9AM-6PM | Closed on PH

9. On Line Credit Pte Ltd

Source: On Line Credit Pte Ltd

Serving customers since 1998, On Line Credit Pte Ltd has racked up two decades’ worth of experience in the moneylending field. Having refined their processes and products to the needs of the Singapore market, you can be sure you are getting one of the best deals. Their goal is for their customers to receive timely financial help when they most require it. To meet this aim, their fervent team of loan officers are always on the ball to provide responsive and approachable service to their customers.

If you are in need of fast cash for the ultimate emergency, On Line Credit Pte Ltd has a dedicated emergency loan plan for you. 2 minutes is all you need to apply, and you can leave the rest to the moneylending company. For other needs, On Line Credit Pte Ltd also has personal loans, business loans, fast cash loans, payday loans, and more. If the number of loan types daunts you, don’t hesitate to approach their friendly staff for a thorough explanation and recommended loan plan.

Contact: +65 6445 9166
Address: 210 New Upper Changi Road, #01-731, Singapore 460210
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 12PM-7PM | Closed on Sun

10. Galaxy Credit & Investment Pte Ltd

Source: Galaxy Credit & Investment Pte Ltd

If you frequent the Ang Mo Kio neighbourhood, Galaxy Credit & Investment Pte Ltd will be the moneylender to look for. Trusted by their clients for their reliable and attractively-priced loan products, the moneylending company provides personal loans, business loans, and fast cash loans. No matter what your cash needs are, the dedicated staff team is committed to helping you craft the perfect solution.

Those who are in urgent need of cash will benefit most from Galaxy Credit & Investment Pte Ltd’s speedy service, as they make it a priority to expedite the loan approval and cash-out times. No longer will you have to waste your time waiting anxiously for the cash you need when you borrow at Galaxy Credit & Investment Pte Ltd. To get started with your loan process, all you need to do is submit an online application form before heading down to their office for a chat with their knowledgable loan officers.

Contact: +65 6438 2322
Address: 709 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, #01-2595, Singapore 560709
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 11AM – 8PM | Sun 10AM-5PM | Closed on PH

11. SBL Singapore

Source: SBL Singapore

SBL Singapore is the go-to loan provider for all business-related financial needs. As businesses frequently run into speed bumps in their cash flow, reliable sources of financial help is always a good thing to have in reach. Whether you need the funds to set up a brand new business, or to tide through a time of difficulty, or are planning an expansion, business loans can provide you with much-welcomed help.

Eliminate the need for waiting with their one-hour waiting times, and enjoy some of the lowest interest rates on business loans. As a specialised loan provider, SBL Singapore inspires confidence in their loan products. Well-informed on both the financial and business side of matters, the moneylender can provide comprehensive and specific loans for a variety of business types and industries. With SBL Singapore, business owners can go forth with confidence with fewer worries.

Address: 11 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049317
Operating Hours: 11AM-7.30PM Daily

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