5 Music Schools For The Best Piano Lessons In Singapore

Long gone are the days where you would play short snippets of simple tunes, such as the birthday song. There are plenty of excellent schools in Singapore if you are looking to begin piano lessons. These music schools cater to students of all ages and interests, from the young bright minds of curious children, to the adults that are just looking for a melodic break from their hectic lifestyles.

Don’t worry about falling behind other students in your classes! These schools will bring your skills to the next level if you are already playing. But if you are just beginning to learn, well, you can expect to your fingers to be gliding on the piano like a master by the time you leave. Feeling interested? Here’s a look into 5 of Singapore’s top music schools for the best piano lessons.

Note: This list is strictly not in order. 

1. The Music Works

Source: The Music Works

Their goal is for every child that walks through their doors to have comprehensive musical experience. They seek to provide their students with every opportunity to thrive in their pursuit of music. With their range of in-depth courses and numerous trained professionals in Singapore, they strive to nurture each child as outstanding musicians. Their wide selection of classes, courses and workshops are meticulously planned and arranged, can help young musicians of all ages and abilities in Singapore.

At The Music Works, as aspiring artists, you are able to take courses from licensed educators with reliable experience. Students are developed to become the greatest performers and are able to perform confidently given their experience. Their piano courses enable you to master the digital piano and provide you with soft skills such as enhanced concentration and the confidence to overcome any difficulties. With their insightful and informative courses, their sole objective is to teach and nurture young promising artists.

Contact: +65 6969 1280
Address: LHK2 Building, 76 Playfair Road, #05-04, Singapore 367996 | Viva Business Park, 750 Chai Chee Road, #01-13A, Singapore 469000
Operating Hours: 
Differ for each location

2. Studio72

Source: Studio72

They are a professional music school in Singapore that offers music programs of quality to anyone who wants to know music, regardless of age. They strive to teach courses in a professional, enjoyable and inclusive setting, whether you are a beginner with fundamental music abilities or an advanced student! Their music lessons are specially designed by skilled mentors and veteran musicians to equip you with practical music abilities, master your musical instrument or form a technical understanding of stage setup for performances.

At Studio72, they create remarkable curriculums to help you master the piano. With their uniquely planned piano lessons, you will learn to play the instrument smoothly with your own hands. Along the way, you will pick up on how to read and understand musical scores. In time, you will be able to play beautiful melodies and modern pieces with ease.

Contact: +65 9322 7272
Address: 45A Circular Road, Singapore 049400
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 12.30PM-9.30PM | Sat 10.30AM-7PM | Closed on Sun

3. Music Lifestyle

Source: Music Lifestyle

This music school offers top-notch lessons coupled with wonderful learning opportunities that go beyond the walls of a classroom! They cater high-quality music education to all ages with their team of qualified educators. The school also conducts lessons from the comforts of your own home, allowing to you develop your skills further without the worry of prying eyes. Coupled with their affordable prices, your musical journey with this school will instil a love and passion for music in you!

The music school offers music lessons for a variety of instruments but they believe that the most versatile instrument would be the piano. This is because, most music genres require the use of piano be it a traditional piano or a digital one. They provide piano lessons to various age groups from children to adults that are taught by certified and experienced music teachers. Some of their teachers have been teaching piano for more than two decades and some of them continue to perform in orchestras or as soloists. With Music Lifestyle, you can rest assured that you’re in the hands of skilled musicians.

Contact: +65 6221 5221
Address: The Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #03-30, Singapore 059817
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-9PM | Sat-Sun 10AM-8PM

4. Ossia Music School

Source: Ossia Music School

They give music courses of high quality at affordable rates. All their classes are organised and standardised to provide their learners with the highest quality and finest teaching experience. The lessons are meticulously structured to meet the learning requirements of each individual. They are proud to have a team of vibrant, engaging and committed educators who are enthusiastic about sharing with you the joys of music as you embark with them on your musical trip!

They give individual piano lessons specifically designed to fit your requirements, be it for enjoyment or to seriously take the grade examinations. Enrol in their piano lessons and assist them in fulfilling your dream of playing the piano! Their one of a kind syllabus guarantees that you will advance quickly and efficiently whilst enjoying the learning process. If you are afraid that you won’t have the time to commit to the piano lessons due to your packed schedule, Ossia Music School offers 30 minutes and 45-minute lessons to suit your hectic lifestyle.

Contact: Differ for each location
Address: 11 locations islandwide
Operating Hours: Differ for each location

5. Joy Music Studio

Source: Joy Music Studio

Joy Music Studio has been redefining the music school scene in Singapore since it opened its doors in February 2014. Yes, it’s true, it can be tedious and monotonous to learn music. That’s why, through fun and engaging music classes, their music school gives the pleasure of studying and playing music to all learners. They believe in exploring and encouraging their learners to discover different instruments. So, if you do sign up for their piano classes, be prepared to play more than just piano!

Their skilled piano teachers are enthusiastic and committed to assisting you to cultivate your talent and achieve your potential, whether you are just discovering the piano or wanting to advance your present abilities. They offer classical and pop piano lessons that cater to your requirements. For their classical piano lessons, you will start by building strong foundations and eventually learn to play international musical pieces with ease. For their pop piano lessons, you will pick up on techniques that will assist you in playing your favourite songs within just a few lessons. Depending on your interest, you can enrol in the class of your choice!

Contact: +65 9230 2778
Address: 1 Marine Parade Central, #02-02, Singapore 449408
Operating Hours: Mon & Thu 12PM-9PM | Tue 1PM-9PM | Wed 12PM-8PM | Fri 1PM-8PM | Sat 9AM-6PM | Sun 10.30AM-8.30PM

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