5 things to do in Bali

Bali has always been a “hot” tourist destination. Visitors love the laid back lifestyle, the beautiful cafes, beaches and the magnificent culture. Here are the top 5 must do things in Bali.

1. Waterbom Bali
Waterbom Bali has 22 rides with various thrill levels, with the easiest one being the Lazy River. But we’re not here for that – let’s get started on the adrenaline pumping goodness, The Climax!

The climax is 16 meters high with a trap door that opens up, dropping down to a 360-degree loop.

This place will be sure to keep you and your family occupied for a whole day. Services and facilities are top of its class, making it a must-do highlight for families while in Bali.

2. Releasing of baby turtles at Kuta Beach
An initiative started in 2001, to help educate and raise awareness about sea turtle issues.

This may just be one of your most memorable activity while on holiday. Not only can you learn more about marine animals, but you will also be able to help these baby turtle be one step closer to being a healthy, free turtle.

Ps: Make sure to actively check their website as to when the turtles will be released.


3. White rafting at Ayung River
Grab your oars and get ready to rage with this exhilarating rafting adventure on the spectacular Ayung River. Whether you are 5 or 65, a natural or a novice, this white water rafting in Bali ride is safe, fun and a breathtaking experience to be enjoyed by the whole family.

The action starts when you launch into a 9.6 km river stretch, navigating through 33 class II and III rapids set to a backdrop of wild, unspoiled rainforest, towering gorges and magnificent rice paddy terraces.

The best river runs, dramatic drops and spectacular waterfalls to make your Bali rafting ride a fun and awesome experience.

4. Explore life underwater with Seawalk
Seawalker is ideal for those who would love to explore life under the sea but are not confident swimmers or do not wish to dive. Seawalker is a soft dive system.

You’ll be equipped with the latest in marine exploration technology, a helmet with transparent visor, no air tank necessary, so you’re lightweight and flexible. Explore the stunning underwater life of Bali where you can walk at the bottom of the sea and come face to face with sea life whilst breathing the same as you do on the surface. A great alternative to scuba diving.

5. Kecak dance, Traditional Balinese dance
One of the most famous dances, the Kecak dance, involves a chorus of seated men who create the backing sounds with their mouths and move and sway their outstretched arms to accompany the drama. This dance tells a story through vital music and dance movement. Something so beautiful, unique, and closely connected to religious rituals.

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