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    12 Eat-till-You-Drop Buffets in Singapore

    If you have a bottomless pit, and enjoy all kinds of fresh seafood, sashimi, and all types of meat, then buffets are probably your haven. This time, we bring to you a list of Japanese, Korean, Peranakan, and Chinese buffets that are not only value-for-money but also immensely gratifying. From BBQ to hotpot to Xiao […]

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    Cheap and Fantastic Dim Sum and where to find them in Singapore

    Every Singaporean knows of Dim Sum, flavourful snacks originating from Hong Kong. Traditionally eaten during tea-time, a Dim Sum meal typically consists of multiple types of dumplings, steamed buns, and rice noodle rolls. Portions are often small and made for sharing, so patrons usually order many dishes from the menu. While some of the more […]